Dentist sues surgeon ex-BF for more than DOZEN attacks that caused miscarriage and horrifying injuries

Dentist sues surgeon ex-BF for more than DOZEN attacks that caused miscarriage and horrifying injuries
Dr Joseph Finley (left) has been accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend Negar Dolatabadi (right) (Northwell Health/website and screenshot New York Post video/website)

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY: More than a dozen savage assaults by a surgeon on his ex-girlfriend are alleged to have resulted in a miscarriage, fractured bones, and a concussion. Ear, nose, and throat specialist Dr Joseph Finley, 53, who works for Northwell Health in New York City, is accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend Negar Dolatabadi repeatedly over a two-year period.

According to civil court filings submitted in the New York County Supreme Court, Finley would regularly consume enormous amounts of alcohol before brutally attacking Dolatabadi, 40, seven times. Dolatabadi, an Iranian native, is said to have sustained serious injuries over the course of two years, including broken toes, fractured ribs, and a concussion. She was allegedly struck, pushed to the ground, and punched repeatedly. According to court documents obtained by Daily Mail, Finley would yell "w***e" at Dolatabadi during these violent attacks. Finley has “vigorously” rejected the accusations and is also being prosecuted for assault and strangulation. Finley allegedly attacked Dolatabadi at their house one month after learning she was expecting their first child, kicking her in the tummy and throwing her across the room. According to Manhattan prosecutors, Dolatabadi, who is a dentist, discovered she had miscarried and lost the baby not long after this incident.



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“He's ruined my life and he shouldn't get away with it,” Dolatabadi told the New York Post. “I have a lifetime injury. I'm in pain every night. There is not a single second when I'm not aware of the pain in my foot.” According to a Manhattan criminal court complaint, Finley was detained on September 25, 2022, and charged with one case of second-degree strangling, six charges of third-degree assault, and two counts of third-degree criminal mischief. He must appear in court once more on February 8. The couple started dating in March 2018 and they moved in together in August of the same year. However, the lawsuit alleges that Finley severely beat Dolatabadi within three months of their relocation to New York while continuously calling her a "w***e," accusing her of cheating on him, and threatening to call her workplace to "let them know she is a w***e." According to court records, the initial assault left Dolatabadi with bruises all over her body, broken ribs, and nerve damage in her left hand. Finley made a commitment to give up drinking which was kept up until July 2020. 


During the Covid pandemic lockdown, Finley began drinking excessively which caused him to lose control and have violent outbursts. Finley attacked Dolatabadi on July 5, 2020, while threatening, “I will kill you. I have people in high places,” according to the lawsuit. The same day, Finley allegedly struck Dolatabadi on the side of the head, landing a hit right on her ear, leaving the claimed victim in extreme pain and dazed. According to the lawsuit, she stayed in the toilet for two days while vomiting and seeping fluids from her ear. After this incident, Finley allegedly started drinking more and more, eventually reaching a daily average of 1.75 liters of bourbon, according to Dolatabadi in her lawsuit.

In an assault that left the dentist with a fractured big toe in October 2020, Finley repeatedly yelled at Dolatabadi that she was a "w***e" while slamming a door on her foot. A year later, on October 4, 2021, Finley attacked Dolatabadi again, pushing her so violently that her right foot struck the TV stand and shattered her right ring toe. “Moments before breaking Dolatabadi's toe, Finley shouted the words to the effect of 'I'll get you kicked out of the country, I'll tell the FBI who you really are' and 'I'll make sure you will never look the same again,'” the court document claims. Finley allegedly attempted to choke Dolatabadi while yelling, “If you hurt my career I have to kill you. You know that right?” Finley also violently knocked Dolatabadi to the ground on December 17, 2021, causing her to sustain more injuries on her previously broken toe.

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