NCT 127 'LOVEHOLIC': Release date, concept, how to live stream and all you need to know about 2nd Japanese comeback

NCT 127 'LOVEHOLIC': Release date, concept, how to live stream and all you need to know about 2nd Japanese comeback
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NCT 127, known as the 4th generation K-pop superstars are all set to make their second Japanese comeback with ‘LOVEHOLIC’ releasing on February 2021. The K-pop group took to Twitter to share teaser images of Jungwoo, Taeil, Mark, Yuta, Taeyoung, Doyoung for the upcoming album.

‘LOVEHOLIC’, the sophomore Japanese album of SM Entertainment’s NCT 127 will predominantly talk about the universal message of love, news reports have stated. After spending a year in uncertainty, the K-pop supergroup, NCT 127 consisting of seven members – Taeil, Taeyong (leader), Yuta, Jaehyun, Winwin, Mark, and Haechan – aims to bring all the fans together through a comforting message, a theme quite different from NCT’s previous albums where the group went for bolder concepts. 


NCT 127 released their previous Japanese album ‘Awaken’ in 2019 where Winwin couldn’t participate due to his short hiatus from NCT 127. The album was a concoction of few different genres including Hip-hop, pop-rock, R&B, and heavily dominant electronic beats. After its release, ‘Awaken’ secured a number 4 position on Japan’s Oricon Weekly albums chart along with a sales of 53,042 copies in the first week itself. 


For ‘LOVEHOLIC’, along with the physical copy of the album, fans can also get different bonus merchandise like teddy bears, pin badges, tapestry, and more, made available solely for the next album release. The album will also be released in seven different versions including a Blu-Ray Disc version with limited bonus video and an A3 Tabloid paper style booklet, an album set with an Acrylic stand, a mini-album with CD holder set, and more. Check all the different variations of the physical album available here



Release date and time

‘LOVEHOLIC’ is all set to drop on February 17. Check out this space for the timing update.


‘LOVEHOLIC’ is majorly built upon the theme of love as it is the only thing that can truly make a difference in the world. NCT says, “Various problems that are occurring all over the world right now. Something may change if we face such problems with each other's "love". It is one of the best ways to communicate with NCT 127 fans and music fans all over the world by incorporating such a theme into various forms of love songs.” 

Through ‘LOVEHOLIC’, NCT will continue experimenting with different styles of expression and embody a fusion of genres. 

How to live stream

‘LOVEHOLIC’ will be available on Amazon, Apple Itunes, and various music outlets like Mu-mu shop, Yes, Fnac, Interpark, and more. To pre-save the album, click here.


The teaser images released by the NCT 127 have made quite a storm on social media where fans are gushing over the striking visuals of the NCT 127 members. A fan wrote, “Excuse me but is this allowed?! Jungwoo take responsibility for the damage you've done to me bc of ur visual attack!” Another said, “Kim Jungwoo! omg omg he looks so freaking handsome!” Another shared Taeyong’s image with the caption, “FACE OF THE CENTURY.”





Check out the teaser images below.







Stream NCT 127’s 2020 hit ‘Kick It’ here.


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