'NCIS' Season 18 Episode 3 'Blood and Treasure' spoilers, plot, cast with guest star from 'Back to the Future'

Tom Wilson, who played the antagonistic jock, Biff Tannen, in the time-traveling trilogy, will play the role of a cult figure in the modern treasure-hunting world

                            'NCIS' Season 18 Episode 3 'Blood and Treasure' spoilers, plot, cast with guest star from 'Back to the Future'

After Christopher Lloyd aka "Doc" from the 'Back to the Future' franchise guest-starred as a Pearl Harbor survivor in Season 17's finale, 'NCIS' is back this week (after its two-week hiatus) with another alum from the same film. None other than "Biff Tannen" -- Tom Wilson, who played the antagonistic jock in the time-traveling trilogy, will be taking a jab at being a treasure hunt organizer in this episode.

In Episode 3, titled 'Blood and Treasure', Wilson will play the role of a cult figure in the modern treasure-hunting world. The treasure hunt he organizes with a "two million dollars" payout is a hunt followed by "thousands of followers", who are active on his website's message boards, discussing the clues he gives out and news about the treasure hunting community. 


One of his followers happens to be Chief Petty Officer Diego Barnes who turns up dead, with "his insides on the outside". His body is found after he swallows a treasure map that triangulated the clues released by Tom Wilson's character, Angus Demint. 

But when Bishop and Gibbs turn up to question Angus Demint, he tells them: "Nobody who is truly dedicated to my teachings would ever kill -- it's cheating. It goes against everything this treasure hunt stands for." But Gibbs tells him that Barnes had solved Demint's clues and made the map leading to the treasure that made him the killer's target.

Angus Demint gets aggressive as Gibbs watches (CBS)

Demint later clarifies that the map Barnes made is only of the "general area" and anyone who wanted the exact location would have to solve all three of his "codes" -- which means Barnes's map is incomplete. But the question is -- Is Demint a good guy or a bad guy? And if he is innocent, wouldn't he end up being the next target of the killer since he is the only one who presumably knows the exact location of the treasure at the end of the hunt? 

Guest star Joe Spano also returns as Tobias Fornell. Last we saw of him, he was asking Gibbs for more time for his investigation and Gibbs gave him two weeks. Now, we'll get to see what he has been up to, working undercover at a fast food joint. He tells Gibbs that he finds it suspicious that a pill pusher he was following in the last episode, who was making so much money, would stoop to working a minimum wage job.


Gibbs immediately picks on what Fornell is getting at -- there is something shady about the place and has some hidden connection to the opioid drug ring they are trying to bust. Gibbs is getting impatient though for results as Fornell begs for just a little more time before he manages to get access to the manager's office and the freezer. But the other employees don't exactly trust Fornell. We see one employee give him the side-eye when she comes out and overhears him say, "I didn't kill him!" to Gibbs, referring to the above-mentioned pill pusher who died of an "overdose". The manager then comes and breaks up the conversation, asking Fornell suspiciously who he was talking to. So Fornell's "cover" might be blown pretty soon and he is in a pretty vulnerable position if the fast food place does have something to do with the opioid operations. We'll find out tonight.

'NCIS' Season 18 Episode 3 airs on December 8 at 8 pm on CBS.

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