'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 6 Episode 4 sees Lasalle find the truth about his brother Kade, but how will this affect him in the future?

We see Christopher Lasalle head out to Alabama with Sebastian Lund in search of his missing brother Kade.

                            'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 6 Episode 4 sees Lasalle find the truth about his brother Kade, but how will this affect him in the future?

The 'NCIS: New Orlean' season 6 episode 4 titled 'Overlooked' forked out in two directions. One involved Hannah Khoury and Tammy Gregorio's investigation into a private detention center for immigrants seeking asylum being involved in human trafficking. The second was Christopher's search for his missing brother Kade. In the previous episode, we saw Lasalle learn that his brother left his wife and stepson Will at a motel fearing for their safety. Will had got involved with a group of drug smugglers and delivered packages for extra cash. When Will's backpack, with one of these packages, goes missing, he gets into trouble and confesses to his stepfather Kade who then headed out to sort out the mess. Only, he never returned. 

A still of Sebastian and Lasalle in 'NCIS: New Orleans' season 6 episode 4. (Source: CBS)

In the fourth episode, we see Lasalle has found the main man who was involved in doing business with Will to be Shorty and he is watching out for him in Alabama along with Sebastian. That's when the two learn about Kade's credit card being used by a homeless drunk man named Zeke. Upon questioning, they learn that Zeke had found a wallet in one of the places where he usually pitches tents and leads Lasalle and Sebastian to the spot. Not only do they find the wallet that Zeke had left behind, but after a search in the area, they also find a body that is too damaged to identify. 

Once Lasalle finds the wallet and sees there is no fresh leads, he tries to leave the spot and get back on the trail of Shorty. He is trying to avoid the possibility of finding his brother dead real hard, but when Sebastian notes that they would have to stay back a bit longer, he gives in. Since the body is hard to be identified by Lasalle himself because of damage, DNA records are brought in and Loretta along with Sebastian conduct tests to match the DNA and find out that the body did belong to Kade. 

A still of Christopher Lasalle and Dwayne Pride in 'NCIS: New Orleans' season 6 episode 4. (Source: CBS)

 The episode ends after this piece of news is revealed to Lasalle, but it looks like the case of Lasalle's missing brother is still open because the man behind Kade's death is yet to be found. Was it really Shorty who killed Kade for money that he lost because of Will? Is there something buried under the surface here? These questions will be answered in the upcoming episode of the show. 

However, we wonder what effect his brother's death will have on Lasalle. He is visibly drowning in guilt for not having been in touch with his brother more often. When he waited in the hallway with Pride before the DNA results were announced, he recalls some incidents from his past where Kade played hero and all of this will weigh him down in the future. How this will influence him is something that we will have to wait and watch. 

The next episode of 'NCIS: New Orleans' will air on Tuesday at 10 pm ET on CBS. 

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