'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 6 makes Lasalle's desperate quest to find his brother's killer the show's main focus

'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 6 makes Lasalle's desperate quest to find his brother's killer the show's main focus

Even though Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) is the leading man on ‘NCIS: New Orleans’, the last few episodes of season 6 have really shifted the focus to Chris Lasalle (Lucas Black). And for good reason. Lasalle’s character arc has found new meaning in the sixth season as he goes all in, trying to balance justice with a sense of personal loss and vendetta.

In episode 3 of the series, Cade, Lasalle’s once-troubled older brother, went missing after trying to help his girlfriend’s son Will, who started selling drugs. He left them both at a motel fearing for their safety after Will loses a consignment of drugs. But Cade doesn’t return.

Lasalle and Sebastian track down a homeless man who was caught using Cade’s credit card in Mobile, Alabama. From there they discover a badly burnt body in a forest. When Dr. Wade (C. C. H. Pounder) does an autopsy, she confirms the body belonged to Cade.


An inconsolable Lasalle has since been on a hunt to find his brother’s killers. Despite clues, however, he keeps hitting dead ends. It is visible Dwayne is worried about Lasalle. He has a heart-to-heart with him about his tough father. He also gets Lasalle to seek his mother’s help. All for good reason. Without a clear head, how are they to find the killer?

But the dead ends seem to be pushing Lasalle over the edge. Despite reassurances and promises from Dwayne, it seems probable that a grief-stricken and now-helpless Lasalle may end up doing something that would not just jeopardize the case, but also harm others in the way.

A generally strong and silent type of man like Lasalle may just snap when he reaches a breaking point. The real question is, how far away from that point is he? Will dead ends in the case make Lasalle act rashly? And will that, in turn, make his otherwise-patient NCIS family get in his way?


The next episode of ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ cannot arrive soon enough! The show airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. 

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