'World of Dance': Jennifer Lopez calls GRVMNT-The Young Cast duel the 'toughest battle' of the season

GRVMNT and The Young Cast left the judges spoilt for choice with their incredible opening performance during the junior division duels round

                            'World of Dance': Jennifer Lopez calls GRVMNT-The Young Cast duel the 'toughest battle' of the season
GRVMNT and Jennifer Lopez (NBC)

Do not underestimate the junior division dancers even for one second. These tiny, bite-sized dancers definitely know how to pack a punch while performing their dance routines on the 'World of Dance' stage. The upper-division duels were extremely intense and set the bar very high for the duels round. So, when it was the turn for junior division's duels we weren't expecting these young dancers to not only match but also beat the bar set by the upper division.

The junior division's duel round began with an intense, nail-biting dance battle between two supremely talented dance troupes from Canada: GRVMNT and The Young Cast. Both the groups picked hip-hop style of dancing and did a brilliant job of executing their routines. The GRVMNT's acrobatics and stunts left us speechless, while The Young Cast's synchronization and formations were unforgettable.

The Young Cast -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

After watching both the groups' incredible dance routines, the judges — Ne-Yo, Derek Hough and Jennifer Lopez — were spoilt for choice. Jennifer declared it as the "toughest dance battle" of the season, and expressed how both the groups made it extremely difficult for the judges to pick the winner. She couldn't stop praising the young dancers for how beautifully they evolved since first watching them during the qualifiers round. Derek was simply in awe of both the troupes. Ne-Yo however found two tiny flaws in both the performances. He felt that the energy levels dipped towards the end of the routine while watching GRVMNT's performance, while he thought that the stunts which The Young Cast incorporated in their routine looked a bit out of place for him.


So, it was finally time for the judges to reveal who they'd be sending to the semi-finals round. All the judges looked extremely perplexed at the thought of having to pick just one winner. Derek went first and decided to pick The Young Cast, while Jennifer and Ne-Yo handed the victory to GRVMNT. But before the dancers left the stage, the judges encouraged The Young Cast's dancers to not to give up their hope and to continue practising, as they still stand a good chance of making it through the redemption round. We hope The Young Cast makes it to the redemption round, as we can't wait to see the amazing dance routine of this talented group.

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