'World of Dance': UPeepz take on The Rise with a unique concept, theme and sassy dance routine

The judges couldn't stop raving about UPeepz's performance after watching their out-of-the-box concept and routine

                            'World of Dance': UPeepz take on The Rise with a unique concept, theme and sassy dance routine
UPeepz and The Rise (Trae Patton/NBC)

After making their way to the duel round of 'World of Dance', the contestants are more than ready to show off their amazing dance moves and routines. The duel round pits a dancer or dance crew against another dancer or dance crew. They will have to battle it out to earn a spot on the coveted semi-finalists list. We already knew that the duels would be good, but we never expected that it would leave us on the edge of our seats with bated breath waiting to see which team made the cut.

The first round of duels featured the upper-division contestants battling it out against each other. The judges Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough, chose the dueling teams very well. They paired the hip-hop group UPeepz against The Rise. While UPeepz had smooth sailing to the duels round after wowing the judges with their impressive qualifiers round performance, The Rise had to prove their mettle during the callbacks round to earn a spot in the duels round.

The two teams were charged with energy and were raging to start their dance-off. UPeepz went first and had a theme of hotel service. The dancers were dressed as bellboys and served all the sass under the sun through their dance moves to Pitbull's track 'Hotel Room'. They ended their performance by swinging by to a 'The Rise' dancer and handed them an envelope containing flight tickets to home. The judges absolutely loved the unique concept and theme and couldn't stop praising them for their out-of-box routine. 

UPeepz's performance was followed by a high energy-packed performance by The Rise. Myson and the boys brought their A-game to the stage, as they danced to a remix version of Pussycat Dolls' track 'Dontcha'. The judges couldn't help but groove alongside the dancers as they put up an incredible performance. They were in love with the transitions and how unique each move was. 

Although both performances were stellar, the judges had to decide a winner. Derek picked UPeepz, while Ne-Yo went with The Rise, The decision finally fell on JLo to break the tie and decide who would be proceeding to the semi-finals. JLo chose UPeepz as the winner, based on their unique concept and clean routine. But this doesn't mean that we have seen the last of The Rise.

They can still earn a spot on semi-finalists list if they manage to impress guest judge Twitch during the redemption round. The redemption round features the dancers who didn't make it through the duels round dancing to impress Twitch. Twitch gets to pick two dancers who will make their way to semi-finals. Hopefully, The Rise will manage to leave Twitch impressed and head to the next round.

'World of Dance' Season 4 airs every Tuesday at 10/9c on NBC.

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