'Weakest Link': Hasanna and Matt flirt and make sparks fly, Internet asks 'did they hook up after show?'

The flirty banter between Hasanna and Matt during the game show made fans ship the two

                            'Weakest Link': Hasanna and Matt flirt and make sparks fly, Internet asks 'did they hook up after show?'
Hasanna and Matt (NBC)

NBC's trivia game show 'Weakest Link' is the last place one would expect to see a budding romance. But the latest episode of the game show proved otherwise. Contestants Hasanna and Matt may have not won the show's coveted prize money, but their flirty banter left fans amused and shipping them both heavily.

Hasanna had been consistently voting against Matt, through the course of the game, because she felt that he was the weakest link amongst them. When the show's host Jane Lynch pointed it out and wondered if Hasanna didn't like Matt, the contestant quickly defended herself. She revealed that she found Matt's man bun very attractive. He jumped at the opportunity and complimented her hair. As sparks began flying between them, Jane had to intervene and remind them that they were on 'Weakest Link' and not on a dating show.

From next round, Hasanna stopped voting against Matt, and began cheering him each time he answered a question correctly. Later, when one of the other female contestants was eliminated and was leaving the stage, he playfully winked at the eliminated contestant. Hasanna then playfully began teasing him for winking at another girl. Their playful banter was extremely fun to watch. When Matt was eliminated, Hasanna was visibly unhappy and requested him not to leave the stage. 

Matt assured her that he would be waiting outside for her, and hoped that she would win, as she was the smartest person amongst the contestants. Unfortunately, Hasanna got voted out soon after Matt. Jane playfully tried cheering her up by saying that Matt was waiting for her outside, and she wouldn't go home alone. While Hasanna was leaving the show, she called out the final two contestants for being 'inferior men' and voting her out as she was a strong contender, and declared that she was going to a 'real man' and walked away.

Fans were sad to see Hasanna leave but were happy too as she would be going to Matt. But unfortunately, fans didn't get any updates on the couple, which left them wondering about their current status. A fan tweeted, "We need an update on Matt and Hasanna!!! #WeakestLink." Another fan wrote, "We need a reality show with Hasanna & Matt STAT!! #WeakestLink." "@NBCWeakestLink so what's the dish on Matt & Hasanna? #WeakestLink #loveconnection," wondered a fan.




Another fan expressed, " There should have been some POWER OF VETO or PROTECTION to give immunity to whoever has been the strongest Link but these two pieces of trash deserve each other in the final. I WISH THEM WELLLLLLLLL. Now, give us some updates on Matt and Hosa, did they hook up? #weakestlink." "I didn't think I'd ever ship #WeakestLink contestants. Then Matt and Hasanna showed up," shared a fan. "So, I need to know... Did Hasanna hook up with Matt after the show? Because I totally ship them, tbh. @NBCWeakestLink #TheWeakestLink #WeakestLink," expressed a fan.




'The Weakest Link' airs every Monday at 10/9c only on NBC.

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