'The Voice' Season 19 Finale: Did you know Jason Derulo's mansion costs $3,000,000? Fans can't stop raving about it

Fans were torn between praising Derulo's performance and his winter wonderland house

                            'The Voice' Season 19 Finale: Did you know Jason Derulo's mansion costs $3,000,000? Fans can't stop raving about it
Jason Derulo (NBC)

For the Season 19 finale of 'The Voice', the showrunners pulled out all stops to make sure that it's a big night. Several big-name artists like Nelly, Keith Urban and Pink, dropped by to set the stage on fire with their amazing performances. While all the celebrity guest performances were amazing, it was Jason Derulo's act that caught everybody's attention. Unlike the other artists, Jason decided to perform from his home instead of the show's studio.

After the show's host Carson Daly announced Jason's performance, soon the cameras turned to the big screen to show Jason's performance. Jason was standing at the poolside of his house, which can often be seen in the star's infamous TikTok videos. Since it's the Holiday season, Jason decorated the pool area into a winter wonderland with huge Christmas trees, and plenty of snow everywhere. 

The singer then proceeded to give some power-packed performances to two of his most popular recent tracks – 'Savage Love' and 'Take You Dancing'. He was surrounded by a few backup dancers, who danced alongside the singer while he performed. While fans loved Jason's performance, they however couldn't stop admiring the star's beautiful mansion. 

A fan tweeted, "Dang! This is Jason Derulo's house! That #voicefinale performance was such a treat! @NBCTheVoice #theVoice." "That Jason Derulo house doe He always sounds good and is #dancegoals one of the best performances I’ve seen in a while. He crazy on #Tiktok lol #TheVoice #VoiceFinale That #Falsetto wow!," wrote a fan. Another fan joked, "Between the house and his outfit, Jason Derulo is working a LOT of looks. #TheVoice #VoiceFinale." "@NBCTheVoice Jason Derulo performing from his home, that’s amazing!! I love holiday decorations. #VoiceFinale," observed a fan.





Anybody who has even been on TikTok would have definitely seen a peek of Jason's extravagant mansion. It might come as a surprise to many that this TikTok mansion cost Jason a whopping $3,000,000! It boasts of a stunning swimming pool, where Jason frequently shoots his TikTok videos, a basketball court, and even a recording studio! 

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