'The Titan Games' Season 2 Episode 1: Boxer Claressa Shields loses to Chantae McMillan, fans can't stop cheering

'The Titan Games' Season 2 Episode 1: Boxer Claressa Shields loses to Chantae McMillan, fans can't stop cheering
Claressa Shields (Steve Dietl/NBC)

The battles are ON and it is turning out to be one nail-biter of a series. The competitors are determined, tough and hell, they're not going to back down. Matt Chan defeated Bartley Weaver IV in the Nuts and Bolts challenge, but got crushed by him in the Lunar Impact. And then Matt made a comeback in the Herculean pull. 

On the other hand, professional track and field athlete Chantae McMillan and Alexis Baillet battled it out and Chantae managed to have a superb victory during the Herculean Pull, while Baillet stumbled and fell. Chantae went up against Claressa Shields at Mount Olympus. Shields is a professional boxer, who took home the gold medal in women's middleweight boxing at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. After giving some tough talk, Shields suffered a sore defeat while Chantae had a soaring victory and had a better start at the obstacle course. Yet, Shields is not going to let go and another fight will be coming up soon. Nevertheless, fans cheered on Chantae for her impeccable performance. 

"Chantae DOMINATED !!!! #TitanGames," a fan wrote.  @Claressashields your smack talk came back to bite you bad. #MountOlympus kicked your ass," another wrote.

"Hell yeah Chantae!," another fan cheered. 

Matt fought it out with Joe Thomas at Mount Olympus, after an intense battle at an obstacle race and a very, very, close call, Thomas won. They were neck to neck and fans just couldn't believe it. A bit of a heartbreaking loss for Matt, but it just goes to show the amount of mental and physical strength he has.


"That finish by Joe Thomas!! #TitanGames," a fan tweeted. "That was a close match," another wrote. However, a fan noted that the match wasn't a fair one. "This is the most stupid format I have ever seen. A firefighter who competed in three challenges against a football player fresh out of the shower. Who do they think will win!!#TitanGames," they asked.



"You notice how calm @joethomas73 was while busting his butt ? Impressive. #TitanGames Remember how wrecked his knees were from surgeries etc over his long career ? That was pretty darn solid with knees that bark ," a fan tweeted.

Tune into all the action at NBC now. 


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