'The InBetween' portrays feminism in suits and supernatural ways through its empowering women

'The InBetween' portrays feminism in suits and supernatural ways through its empowering women

The pilot of NBC's 'The InBetween' introduced us to a woman who could communicate with the spirits trapped in the "in between". While that may not be a one-of-a-kind series, cue 'Ghost Whisperer' and  'The Medium', the interesting part happens to be the many women characters who make up 'The InBetween'.

It is not just the main medium, Cassie (Harriet Dyer), a powerful woman with supernatural abilities who helps solve crimes for her detective father, but also the fact that the detective and the key spirit all happen to be women makes 'The InBetween' render an empowering flavor. 

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Cindy Luna, who plays a detective in this supernatural procedural drama, describes her character to be a "strong and tough Latin woman who is constantly fighting for justice." Seen in action since the very first episode, it will not be an understatement to call Maria Salinas a brilliant character who is not intimidated by anything and just does her job in a suit and a hair bun. 


Cindy Luna plays Maria Salinas (Getty Images)

The actress who previously starred in 'The Last Ship' added that when she went to audition for her role in 'The InBetween' she was in the "room full of amazing powerful women".

"I felt really comfortable to just come in and play with the character," she added. Showrunner Moira Kirkland,  who was also the writer on the CBS show 'Madam Secretary', added so much to Cindy's comfort level. When she was called for her second round of auditions to read for Kirkland, Cindy was sure she knew the character she was going to portray.  Meeting Harriet, Anne Marie Johson, and other talented women was a cherry on top. "It was such a blessing," she concluded.

Sarah Abbott, a child actor, plays yet another powerful female character on the show, Abigail Coleman. The complexity of her character runs deep to the point it actually triggers. A young girl, molested by her grandfather and dying at a tender age,  is perhaps the fiercest spirit out there who gets her revenge. "Abigail is a tough little girl. She was wronged and she was not going to let this go," Sarah tells MEAWW.


Sarah Abbott as Abigail Coleman (NBC)

Sarah, who recently appeared in Netflix's 'Silence' as the Hushed Child cites that "Abigail is more of a fighter" compared to her previous role and all that her character really wants is "some justice for what has happened to her." 

What sums up the series, with all its scares and drama, is the undertone of powerful women characters with powerful roles, as mediums, detectives, and spirits. We definitely want this to keep going, so if season 2 happens, we wish to see them, even Cindy hopes she gets the chance to play her character again.

'The InBetween' returns on NBC, Wednesdays, 10/9c.


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