‘NBC’s New Year’s Eve 2020’: Keith Urban sports Freddy Krueger sweater, leaves fans puzzled

‘NBC’s New Year’s Eve 2020’: Keith Urban sports Freddy Krueger sweater, leaves fans puzzled
Keith Urban and Freddy Krueger (Getty Images)

Country musician Keith Urban has created quite the storm on social media. And, it isn’t his performance during the New Year’s Eve celebration that has become a hot topic of discussion on Twitter, but it’s all about what he chose to wear on the stage. 

Keith Urban joined ‘NBC’s New Year’s Eve 2020’ live telecast from Jack Daniel’s Music City Midnight: New Year’s Eve in Nashville, which was also simultaneously taking place near the Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville's Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. 

Although his performance thrilled the viewers, especially ‘Afterwards’, it was outshone by the Freddy Krueger sweater that he was clad in. Fans were quick to notice that the country singer sported ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ antagonist’s cardigan, and went to discuss the same on Twitter. 

A majority of them rather seemed puzzled, wondering if his choice of wardrobe for the night was intentional. 

One of his fans asked, “Happy New Year everyone! My first question of the year is why is Keith Urban wearing Freddy Kruger's sweater?” And, another noted, “Does anyone else think Keith Urban’s sweater is quite similar to Freddie Krueger’s?”

As if the discussion surrounding his sweater wasn’t enough, another fan wrote, “Why isn’t anyone addressing @KeithUrban ‘s shoes?? They were crazy lumberjack style”

“Dear Keith Urban: Does Freddy Krueger know you raid his wardrobe?!?,” joked another. 

“#NBC2020 and @KeithUrban looking like Freddy Krueger. He is worth millions and showed up with a ripped up Halloween sweater. Can someone also tell him that his hair style is old AF.” stated another user. 

Well, it seems like only he could tell us why he chose to dress like Freddy Krueger!

Keith Urban, along with wife Nicole Kidman and their two daughters, had taken off to Australia for their annual vacation. The star couple celebrated their daughter Faith’s birthday in Sydney, where they both own homes.


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