A new girl, a ghost from the past, and a massive cover-up: Here are three things to look out for in the upcoming episodes of NBC's 'Manifest'

Following the 'Manifest' panel's revelations at the New York Comic-Con about the show, here are the top three things to look forward to that will surely turn the NBC show around

                            A new girl, a ghost from the past, and a massive cover-up: Here are three things to look out for in the upcoming episodes of NBC's 'Manifest'

The 'Manifest' panel at the New York Comic-Con has shared some exclusive insights on what will happen in the show next. As creator Jeff Rake took the stage along with Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas at this year's comic con, the cast shed some light on what awaits the characters who have returned from the dead after almost five years. While the first two episodes have already set the stage for the eerie story, the upcoming episodes will delve deeper into what happens when you skip nearly five years of your life.

NBC's 'Manifest' premiered on September 24 and chronicles the incidents that take place after Montego Air Flight 828 lands. Although the passengers onboard think that their flight was delayed by a few hours due to turbulence, their family members and friends have moved on after five years since they were all presumed dead.

In the last two episodes, we saw the passengers being interrogated by authorities and they had somehow kept their mouths shut about the unusual things that they were experiencing - such as hearing voices, the sound of a violin, and as we saw in Episode 2, the presence of a 'shadow man' or 'the smudge'. 


Claiming that the "initial order of 13 [episodes] is building towards a really significant card turn", Rake told fans at Comic-Con that upcoming episodes will have a lot more to offer. Considering what Rake revealed and what Roxburgh and Dallas had to say about their characters, here are the top three things that you should totally expect from the upcoming episodes on 'Manifest': 

1. What happened to Jared and Grace? 

Played by J. R. Ramirez (Jared) and Athena Karkanis (Grace), these two are probably the most affected by the news of their loved ones. When the plane disappeared almost five years ago, both Grace and Jared lost their significant other. While Grace was already married to Ben (Josh Dallas) and shared two children with him (Olive and Cal, who were twins but have grown apart in age due to Cal's apparent disappearance for five years), Jared was still waiting for Michaela's (Melissa Roxburgh) answer to his proposal. However, when Michaela did not return it is pretty obvious that Jared would move forward.

However, considering what Rake said that Episode 5 will look back into Grace and Jared's lives in those five years, we will probably get a clear reason on why these two moved on with their lives. With Ben coming back, Olive holds her mother as the home-wrecker, but looking from Grace's perspective, she surely had waited for many years and months before she finally let go of Ben. Towards the end of Episode 2, Ben apologizes to Grace for being absent from her life for so long and asked her to give their relationship a second chance. However, unlike Ben, his sister Michaela is cynical about Grace's decision. Who will Grace choose? 

It is only a matter of time before we know who Grace ultimately chooses. (IMDb)
It is only a matter of time before we know who Grace ultimately chooses. (IMDb)

Dallas too has stated that "We're going to meet that person soon", and maybe introducing that new person will change our perception about Grace. However, when it comes to Jared it is hard to forget that Michaela had put on the ring when the plane landed back. She was utterly shocked to know that it was her best friend, Lourdes, who was now engaged to Jared. But why Lourdes? As Michaela contemplates that she probably already had feelings for Jared, it might be so that Lourdes and Jared only got together to cherish their long lost friend's memories. While it was also discussed that Lourdes' family will soon appear on the show, it might also throw some light on the accident for which Michaela has still not been able to forgive herself.

2. The unaccounted passengers

By the end of the second episode, the fate of five passengers was already sealed. After giving the account of their manifest to the Department of Homeland Security officials, the five main passengers keep their head low about the paranormal experience. However, there were over 191 passengers on board and most of them are yet to tell their stories. When Michaela and Ben were waiting at the detention after giving their statements, they interacted with another passenger (whose name is yet to be revealed in the show) who asks them, "But aren't you seeing things, hearing things? In your head?". The siblings avoid answering his questions. 

This certainly proves that it is not just Michaela and Ben who have attained the unexpected capability to hear things that others don't, every single passenger on that plane had some kind of experience. Rake mentioned at the Comic-Con that Episode 7 will introduce a new character, a female academic, who was apparently on that fateful flight. This character will probably come up with some good reasons why the passengers are hearing the voices. We will get a few glimpses of her in the upcoming episodes which will eventually lead to her appearance in the seventh episode. 


Rake also indicated that there will be yet another addition to the characters in Episode 9 where a "pivotal" female character will debut. With the introduction of this character, the show will take us back to where it all began, and provide some flashbacks to the incident. Apparently, this character is one of those, who were seated towards the back of the plane, clearly out of sight for both Michaela and Ben. However, her appearance on the show will delve into the matter to bring out what actually happened to the plane that carries Angel's number on it. 

3. The citizen and the authority

Probably one of the chief reasons why 'Manifest' has broken all records for NBC when it comes to viewership is the show's subtle inclination towards realism while keeping its ground on fantasy. After the passengers arrive, they are immediately taken in by the Department of Homeland Security who interrogate them, in order to find out the mystery behind the disappearance of the plane. However, neither of the two cooperate. While the passengers keep their secrets about the paranormal activities that they have been encountering, the authorities try to sniff out the "actual" secret behind the disappearance. 

In doing so they keep the passengers detained for long hours and follow each one like a hawk. While it is almost surprising that the officials actually let the passengers go in the first two episodes, things will take a drastic turn in the third episode.

After the death of the woman who spoke up about the journey on media, in spite of being warned against a media blackout, by the Shadow Man, it is pretty evident that by the next episode Michaela and Ben will begin to doubt their own realities after returning from the flight. To make matters more complicated, Rake mentioned that there will be a new character introduced in Episode 12 whose revelation "will change everything".


Probably this character will know about the Shadow Man, and why it was Cal who scribbled the figure on the paper. Moreover, since this character is set to appear much later in the season, he or she might take us back to the day when the plane left the ground and the incidents that followed next. This character could also be Grace's estranged lover who Grace started seeing after Ben's alleged disappearance. While there are so many secrets to tell, and many things to be undone, 'Manifest' is surely headed for one turbulent ride.

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