NBA Youngboy and Iyanna Mayweather's rocky relationship: How the pair went from stabbing allegations to a baby boy

This will be Yaya's first child but NBA YoungBoy's sixth baby at the age of 21

                            NBA Youngboy and Iyanna Mayweather's rocky relationship: How the pair went from stabbing allegations to a baby boy
NBA YoungBoy and Iyanna Mayweather (Getty Images)

For months, it was speculated that Iyanna Mayweather, daughter of extremely popular former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather, is pregnant with the kid of rapper YoungBoy NeverBrokeAgain. Now, the speculation has been confirmed by Floyd himself who, in a recent interview, said that his daughter, affectionately known as Yaya, is indeed expecting a child with the 21-year-old rapper with whom she's had a rocky relationship for the past couple of years.

Yaya also dropped a full-body mirror selfie of herself on her official Instagram story with the caption, "fat a*s." The image, featuring Yaya's baby bump, was quick to go viral.


Yaya and NBA also celebrated with a gender reveal party and baby shower on Thursday, November 5. The couple hosted an all blue bash, and announced that they are expecting a baby boy.

This will be Yaya's first child, but NBA YoungBoy's sixth at the age of 21.

Speaking to Hollywood Unlocked, Floyd, talking about his daughter Yaya, said, "[I] always want the best for her and if that’s what makes her happy, then we’re happy – me and her mother are happy." He then continued, "Because once she's no longer under my roof then, you know what, it's between her and her better half. Well, my thing is this: it has to do with your upbringing. It starts at home first. What I’ve always taught my daughter is this: always be respectful when you’re going to anyone's home. And whatever goes on in your home, don’t talk about it to the world."

Speaking about NBA YoungBoy, Floyd said, "As far as NBA, I look at NBA YoungBoy as a child. I can’t get upset with a kid like that. With this new generation, kids, you know, kids talk about pills and kids talk about syrup. So you know, it could've been one of those days for him. At the end of the day, I only want the best for them."

NBA YoungBoy and Iyanna Mayweather Relationship History

Yaya and NBA YoungBoy began their romance in late 2018, but the pair have been rocky throughout the years. In March 2019, it was rumored that Yaya slashed the tires of NBA YoungBoy’s car after the pair got into an argument. Later that year, NBA YoungBoy dropped a song titled 'Dirty Iyanna', a play on Michael Jackson's 'Dirty Diana', aimed at dissing Yaya.

In April 2020, Yaya allegedly stabbed YoungBoy’s baby’s mother, LaPattra Lashai Jacobs, during a dispute. Jacobs survived the attack and filed a legal case that is still ongoing with Yaya awaiting trial for aggravated assault. If found guilty, she faces up to 99 years in prison.