NBA Youngboy and Snoop Dogg drop single 'Callin', fans hail the 'legendary collab' between two generations

Snoop Dogg's feature was getting major love from fans, who were happy to see the iconic rapper spitting bars once again

                            NBA Youngboy and Snoop Dogg drop single 'Callin', fans hail the 'legendary collab' between two generations
NBA Youngboy and Snoop Dogg (Wikimedia [Icebox] and Getty Images)

NBA Youngboy aka YoungBoy Never Broke Again just pulled off another huge coup when he released his latest single, 'Callin' which features the seminal West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg, who has inspired generations of rappers with his trademark flow and laidback demeanor. The new collaboration between the legendary Doggfather and the prolific Baton Rouge-based Youngboy comes on the heels of the latter previously revealing that his upcoming album 'Top' had its release date pushed back to September 11 this month.



However, he later sweetened the deal for impatient fans by declaring that the album's tracklisting might have as many as 21 new songs, three more than the initial 18 songs that had been confirmed to appear on the record. 'Callin' appears to be one of the new singles in the leadup to NBA Youngboy's latest record, which will be his second full-length studio album after a flurry of mixtapes.  



The album art for 'Top' had also previously attracted a significant amount of controversy last month. When NBA Youngboy unveiled the artwork for his new album on August 20, many fans promptly took issue with the fact that it seemed to be too derivative of Roddy Ricch's album cover for 'Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial'. However, there can be no complaints for this latest release titled 'Callin', since this marks a major milestone for both rappers, who hail from different generations and music circles, yet have come together for what fans are calling a "legendary collaboration." You can check out the music video for the track below, in which both rappers indulge in their thug-life personas and spit bars about what they stand for, against a backdrop of slick beats. The hook revolves around "callin" and ballin" like a boss and of course, the usual gangsta rapper lifestyle that includes women, guns, and stacks of money.



"Thinking about how I just told T.I. that I'm at war about my set," says YoungBoy at a blistering tempo. "Are the realest willing to die tryna put some s**t to rest?" He then continues, "What's thе issue? / Say you gangster, b***h, I get with you / F**k a [n-word] see no dangеr, we gon' spank him / I'm smoking blitz, Jedi with the stick, northside ranger." Snoop matches him stride for stride in a throwback to his early Death Row Records years, as he spits flawless rhymes about turning up the heat when it comes to sending across an authoritative message to wannabe gangsters. Of course, the two rappers also share a spliff in the music video, because what would else Snoop be doing in an NBA Youngboy song?

Still from 'Callin' (Atlantic Records)

Although Snoop has morphed into a gentler, more esteemed father figure like Uncle Snoop for the new legion of hip-hop fans, this latest material is hardly Snoop Lion fare - he sounds lean and means just like he did in the old days. Sample these lyrics, which even include a reference to the West Coast Crips gang, who favor blue as part of their ensemble - "Move fast when I see the profit / Blue rag in my back pocket / Every time I hit the block, I'm on a mission / Quick to serve a [n-word] on the spot, who didn't listen? / It's hot up in the kitchen, I'm burnin' down your house / You [n-word] talking slick, my gun up in your mouth."



On social media, fans were pretty impressed with the new single, with one listener terming it "straight fire." 



Plenty of fans were thrilled his Snoop's stellar contribution to the track, with one fan saying they liked it more than NBA Youngboy's verse.



However, NBA Youngboy was also receiving plenty of love for his sick flow.



Another thrilled supporter called it a banger and admitted he was listening to it on repeat.



As another fan concluded, this track went hard in the paint.



Stay tuned for NBA Youngboy's album 'Top', which will drop in less than two weeks on September 11 and we guarantee this isn't the last we've heard of Snoop Dogg either. As time has often proved, the wily OG always has something new up his sleeves.

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