#NBARestart: Reggie Miller commentary slam fest returns with the games, Internet says 'time to mute the TV'

Just like last year, Reggie Miller slam fest started on social media once again, for his 'commentary' in NBA 2020

                            #NBARestart: Reggie Miller commentary slam fest returns with the games, Internet says 'time to mute the TV'
Reggie Miller (Getty Images)

The National Basketball Association is coming back after a hiatus of four months. NBA had suspended all games after a player was tested positive for Covid-19. On July 30, it's Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers, marking the return of NBA 2020. While fans are all set to cheer their favorite team, some don't seem so happy about the 'commentary' part of the game. The NBA fans took their opinion to social media and slammed Reggie Miller, who is all set to commentate the much-awaited match. 

Just like last year, fans took to Twitter after they all got to know that Miller would be commentating for Clippers Vs Lakers. Miller is surely one of the best former basketball players but when it comes to his commentary, NBA fans say 'NO'. According to Interbasket, "After a big play or exciting dunk, Reggie’s attempts at emotion and excitement clearly comes off as fake, insincere with two handfuls of him telling himself 'This is what an announcer sounds like'." Miller doesn't really offer game insights and doesn't enhance the game. One Twitter user said, "Reggie miller makes me wish sports were still postponed"


While other NBA fans who wanted to see the match but not hear Miller's voice said, "Can't believe I have to hear the annoying Reggie Miller call Lakers Clippers. Time to mute the TV"


And some even showed their disappointment saying, "We waited 4 months just to have to listen to Reggie miller?" and "First Laker game in months and Reggie Miller is the broadcaster????"


When he played in the league, it wasn’t unusual for Miller to hear fans chant “Reg-gie sucks!” but now it’s just not the basketball court where he gets to hear it. NBA fans are chanting how much he sucks across the internet. Fans are so tired of Reggie that they rant about him on Reddit threads and even started a Change.org petition to terminate him last year. 

"You either get the trash camera angle on TBS or Reggie Miller on TNT. You choose your pain." reads a fan's comment from earlier in the year before coronavirus struck. 


"The timeline bout to unite in like two minutes to say “Shut the f**k up, Reggie Miller” and that’s when I’ll know basketball is back forreal," said another basketball fan slamming Miller.


While some shared a hearty message for the same, saying, "Feels good to let out a hearty "Shut da f**k up, Reggie Miller" at my television screen once again."


Miller retired from the league in 2005 after which he moved into broadcasting and signed up with TNT to split the time-in studio with the TNT crew and as a game commentator and analyst. In 2007, at the age of 42, Miller considered coming back to the ground at an NBA championship. He is also known for his precision three-point shooting in the game, for which he even earned a nickname 'Knick Killer'. At the time of his retirement, he held the record for having most career 3-point field goals made for which he is ranked second, after Ray Allen. Back in 1996, he made America proud by winning a gold medal in the Summer Olympics by leading the league in free throw accuracy five times. He is also considered as Pacer's greatest player of all time. 

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