NBA star Scottie Pippen accuses 5-year-old girl of 'vandalizing' his Florida home with crayons in $109K lawsuit against her parents

NBA star Scottie Pippen accuses 5-year-old girl of 'vandalizing' his Florida home with crayons in $109K lawsuit against her parents

Scottie Pippen, former star of NBA team Chicago Bulls, is now accusing a 5-year-old girl of vandalizing his $10 million mansion in Florida by scribbling on its walls with markers and crayons.

The 53-year-old former basketball player also added the kindergarten student to a lawsuit that was filed against her parents, who he claimed wrecked his home in Fort Lauderdale while they were renting it out.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Pippen is suing the parents, Lindsay Glazer and Jacob Woloshin, for a staggering $109,300 in damages. The former player now claims that the toddler's "vandalizing ways show [that] Glazer and Woloshin failed as parents". 

Scottie Pippen during Republic Records Grammy after party at Spring Place Beverly Hills on February 10, 2019, in Beverly Hills, California. (Source: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Republic Records)

The family had rented out his home for seven months between October 2017 and May 2018, after their own home was damaged by Hurricane Irma. The couple had agreed to [pay $30,000 a month for the massive property which features six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and a 215-foot private dock with a boat lift.

Pippen has also alleged that the couple and their daughter allowed their pets to urinate inside, damaged furnishings, stole utensils and even missed utility and rent payments. Glazer, who is a lawyer as well as a stand-up comedian, has since slammed the Bulls legend in a series of tweets.

Lindsay Glazer and Jacob Woloshin (Source: Instagram)

She made fun of Pippen by dismissing him as not-as-famous as former teammate Michael Jordan. She tweeted: "Quite frankly, I’m surprised they ever thought @ScottiePippen lived anywhere, besides Michael Jordan’s shadow." She then wrote: "All jokes aside, who would have ever thought that @DennisRodman would be strengthening relations with North Korea, and Scottie ‘no tippin’ Pippen would be the crazy one suing little girls?"


Photos that were initially shared on Glazer's Instagram account show the couple's young daughter living at Pippen's residence in late 2017. There does not appear to be any picture, however, of the child drawing on the walls of the property with crayons and markers. Pictures on Woloshin's social media account also shows the residence in pristine condition while the family stayed there.

"While the damages sought is clearly not limited to the damage caused by minors and pets, which alone were material, this is not a laughing matter and causing 6 figure damage to someone else's house is both morally and legally wrong," Pippen’s attorney Jason Giller said.

The home in question (Source:

According to Curbed, Pippen's home in Fort Lauderdale has been on and off the market for eight years now. The home is 13,500-square-feet and the waterfront dwelling has been named Villa Del Lago.

It was initially listed for a little under $15 million in 2007, but the asking price has dropped a significant amount in recent years. Realtor reports that the home was available on the market for $10.9 million in 2017.

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