Nayim Carter: Three-yr-old's death live-streamed from hospital as dad performs CPR

'They said they’re not going to do nothing else about it because they’re done working on him,' Nayim's mother said in the livestream

                            Nayim Carter: Three-yr-old's death live-streamed from hospital as dad performs CPR
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 A child's medical case went viral recently after his mother made a Facebook live video from the hospital room, accusing the doctors of not doing enough to save her son. People on multiple social media platforms called for justice after Nayim Carter, 3, died at Nemours Children’s Hospital.

The family of the toddler accused the hospital of not helping the toddler out as they insisted he could still be saved. “I was so helpless. The only thing I could was use my emotions in my words,” Nayim’s mother told WFTV.



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What happened to Nayim Carter?

It all started on February 4, last year when Nayim nearly drowned in a Polk County swimming pool. Paramedics arrived at the scene and immediately started emergency medical treatment on the then-2-year-old, according to the report. They determined he had no pulse and was not breathing as he was transported to Florida Regional Medical Center.

Nayim’s mother, Amina Muhammad, told the detective that the tragic incident took place around 5 pm after she went to take rest because she had a severe headache. Nayim and her three other children were left in the care of an adult family member. The caregiver didn’t realize Nayim wasn’t with the other children when she took them out to play. A little while later she realized he was not with them. As she passed by the pool, she noticed Nayim was face down in the water. 


The toddler was transferred to Advent Health because of the severity of his injuries and was put on a ventilator. CT scans showed that he had sustained an anoxic injury to the brain. Although doctors wanted to perform more tests, Amina refused, because she wanted him to have more recovery time because she felt God was going to heal him. She also strongly believed doctors would use brain death tests to take Nayim off life support. “Them having that ability to make that type of decision, regardless of us as parents and as humans to act in that way, you know, they shouldn’t be able to do that, regardless of them having a medical license. We’re still human beings and we all still have a constitutional right to life,” Amina said. 

According to the police report, Amina refused to allow doctors to perform the tests for a full month. When the tests were performed, it was seen that Nayim had “very minimal brain activity,” but in doctors’ opinions, “not enough to sustain life.” Nayim’s family never filed an injunction. Instead, they pushed Advent Health to release him because they wanted to take care of him at home.

'They’re done working on him'

After staying in home care for a period of time, Nayim was taken to Nemours Children’s Hospital after being diagnosed with pneumonia in December. After staying at the hospital for six months, his heart stopped. This was when the viral video was shot. A portion of the video showed Nayim’s father performing chest compressions on the child in the hospital bed. 

“And all of a sudden, his heart stopped,” Nayim’s mother, who goes by the name Amina Muhammad, said during the stream. “And now, his heart won’t stop stopping. And they keep having to bring him back. And now they’re done. They said they’re not going to do nothing else about it because they’re done working on him.” She insisted that he “still has a blood pressure, he still has oxygen, and he still has a heart rate, ‘cause his daddy is f**king working on him because they said they’re not going to do this s**t no more ‘cause they’re done.”

As proof Nayim was still fighting, the family pointed to vitals still going on a monitor in the room. Despite the proof of life, the family said that the medical staff in the hospital had left them to say their final goodbyes. “I’m so proud of Nayim of how hard he fought to the very end. Like he was still fighting while we were doing CPR on him,” Amina said.


People on Twitter were outraged after coming across the video which showed the plight of the mother. "You’re prolly gonna start to see a story about #nayimcarter. Allegedly Nayim drowned last year and hasn’t come to since. His vitals show that his organs are still working. His fam has pleaded with hospital staff to help to no avail. He just passed away. The vids are particularly heartbreaking because the fam is performing CPR on the child. Not the hospital staff, the fam. The hospital said he passed in 2020 that’s why they weren’t helping. #nayimcarter," one of the users said. 

One more quipped, "The people that work there should be ashamed of themselves that young boy is gone. His parents were doing CPR while the doctors just stood there watching how dare they. #JusticeForNayimCarter" A third commented, "This mother has lost her son name #nayimcarter in a #orlando hospital called #nemourschildrenshospital in #orlandoflorida. Now the doctor gave him a unknown drug but they told them it was #benadryl. But the mother says it’s not true. Please make this video go viral." One more said, "If you dont know who nayim carter is- look him up. he was a 4 year old black boy who was hospitalized. medical staff gave him the wrong medication and when his heart stopped did not assist him. his family had to administer cpr themselves while medical staff WATCHED."