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Naya Rivera missing: Twitterati say 'bully' Lea Michele should have disappeared instead of her 'Glee' costar

Rivera wrote in her book that her friendship with her co-actor started to break down as the show progressed and Michele didn't like sharing the spotlight
Naya Rivera and Lea Michele (Getty Images)
Naya Rivera and Lea Michele (Getty Images)

'Glee' actress Lea Michele's name started trending on Twitter shortly after her costar, Naya Rivera, went missing in Lake Piru on Wednesday, July 8. Rivera's four-year-old son was found alone on a rented boat on the lake. According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, Rivera had rented the boat around 1 pm. Three hours later, a boater found the child by himself on the boat. The boater alerted the officials who instantly commenced a search for Rivera with the use of helicopters, drones and dive teams. The child, said to be unharmed, told investigators that he and his mother had been swimming but his mother never got back to the boat. According to the authorities, Rivera might have drowned. 

Apart from worrying fans making '#FindNaya' viral on social media, some of them also started blaming her costar Michele for Rivera's disappearance although the authorities are yet to imply any foul play into the incident. "It should've been Lea Michele," one person tweeted, while another said, "Lea Michele lucky she pregnant so imma be respectful and keep my opinions to myself but f**k that racist b***h and I hope that Naya Rivera is ok and Leah will have her day trust that." A third one wrote, "I hope Lea Michele gets questioned."

Lea Michele (Getty Images)

The anger toward Michele stemmed from the fact that the actress was accused of harassing and bullying her costars on the sets of 'Glee.' On the iconic show, Michele played nerdy Rachel Berry who really focused on singing and Rivera essayed the role of the popular cheerleader. In her book, 'Sorry Not Sorry, Rivera wrote, "As the show progressed, though, that friendship started to break down, especially as Santana (Marie Ware) moved from a background character to one with bigger plot lines and more screen time. I think Rachel—erm, I mean Lea—didn’t like sharing the spotlight." Although both Rivera and Michele have denied having a feud between them in public, talks of a fight did make headlines at the time. Nevertheless, other social media users were appalled to see that there were those who wished harm on Michele just because they wanted to side with Rivera in the personal feud between the two stars.

"To those of you saying that you wish it was Lea Michele or to anyone talking about the 'glee curse' get a f**king grip," one user wrote, while another said, "If you say «If only it was Lea Michele instead of Naya Rivera» you need to seek help you f**king a**hole." A third one said: "Y'all need to take finding Naya Rivera seriously because she could be dead, and everyone's dragging Lea Michele into it. IT'S NOT A LAUGHING MATTER!!! @NayaRivera is a real human being who is missing, so grow up and be more worried about her family and friends. #FindNayaRivera." "WHY ARE YALL BRINGING UP LEA MICHELE RIGHT NOW??? Leave Lea the fuck alone!! I’m so f**king tired of everyone’s bulls**t at this point. This is about Naya and her child!! Stop f**king wishing harm or being her up!! Pray they f**king find Naya," said another.