National Jelly Bean Day: 5 fun facts and ways to celebrate the occasion

National Jelly Bean Day: 5 fun facts and ways to celebrate the occasion
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National Jelly Bean Day is being celebrated on April 22. Jelly beans evolved in the mid-1800s. It reflects the colorful life that keeps our eyes fresh and creates joy in our lives. It has a great influence on our culture. It is a simple and delicious candy. 

Jelly beans can be used in many ways. You can do creative art and crafts, decorate your house, play funny games, and so much more. Let’s get into the fun facts and the ways to celebrate the occasion. 


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Fun Facts 

1. Jelly beans were originally developed to have some refreshing time during the civil war period. It was distributed to every soldier and it became a popular treat in the world. 

2. President Ronald Reagan was a huge fan of jelly beans. He had a special jelly bean jar in the Oval Office because he considered it a part of this successful attempt. 



3. Jelly Belly is one of the most popular brands of jelly beans in the world. They started in 1976. They have a wide variety of flavors as follows, cherry, apple, lemon, blueberry, strawberry cheesecake, sizzling cinnamon, and many more. 


4. Amazing crafts works can be done with Jelly beans that follow, creating ornaments, funny faces, dolls, vessels, decorating flower pots, and much more. 



5. Creating activities with jelly beans like stem activity, math multiplication, science experiments, tasting activities, and much more are there for kids to make their minds fresh and joyful.

5 ways to celebrate National Jelly Bean Day

Here are some fun ways to celebrate National Jelly Bean Day:

1. Host a tasting party for Jelly Beans

To see if your friends and family can accurately identify the flavors of the jelly beans you have collected, give them a blind taste test.

2. Create a project using Jelly Beans

You can make a mosaic or colorful artwork out of jelly beans. You can also draw your favorite picture and paste the jelly beans on it accordingly.



3. Recipes with Jelly Beans

Make some cupcakes or biscuits with jelly beans. To give your favorite recipe a sweet and eye-catching twist, add jelly beans.

4. Scavenger hunt with Jelly Beans

Create a scavenger hunt for jelly beans. See who can discover the most jelly beans by hiding them throughout your home or yard.

5. Keep your home colorful

Your home can be decorated with jelly beans. For a festive touch, fill jars or bouquets with vibrant jelly beans.

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 National Jelly Bean Day: 5 fun facts and ways to celebrate the occasion