National Girlfriends Day 2019: Five things you should never do if you want her to stay in your life | OPINION

National Girlfriends Day 2019: Five things you should never do if you want her to stay in your life | OPINION

August 1 marks the National Girlfriends Day in the United States which means it's time to prove you are still the doting boyfriend you always were. 

For those who are in a new relationship, here are a few tips to make sure your relationship status doesn't change for the worse.

Politics is a strict no-no

Although it is a politically charged atmosphere in the United States right now, it is always best to avoid talking about politics, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, in the bedroom.

If a topic is powerful enough to divide a nation, it is certainly powerful enough to end your relationship. Not to mention it is a serious sexual mood-killer. 

Also because, in the present scenario, there is really no winning with talks of politics.

Consider this—even if both of you are liberals, there are still 24 Democratic candidates that can wedge a "wall" between you two, literally. 

Don't be a stubborn non-improver 

Although you are supposed to make her like you, even fall in love with you by being who you are, the reality is that if you want to keep her in your life, you have to start making changes.


It does not mean changing your core persona—because that is who she fell for—but making some much-needed improvements to become a better version of yourself.

They can be little things such as not leaving the toilet seat up or eating with your mouth open. Details like that can win your significant other's heart. 

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Not listening can cost you 

While most men are focusing on the power of their libido, they often forget the key to a woman's heart—the power of their ears. It is always easy to slack off when you have already gotten the woman to like you and stop listening to what she tells you. 

Dating Metrics says that women like men who are good listeners and not often letting their minds wander off to something else, worse, someone else, while they are trying to have a conversation with them. If you are not paying attention to what a woman is saying, you will never be able to learn her likes and dislikes. 


It's not all about sex

Men and women process physical intimacy differently in their minds. While sexual satisfaction in the bed is important, it should not be what a relationship is reduced to. According to Luvze, a relationship is about communication, trust, laughter, encouragement and yes, sex. You can kiss your unhappy girlfriend goodbye if you are only willing to work on the last one and nothing else. 

Observe your girlfriend's mood and body language because you can tell a lot by that. If she is depressed, hold her hands and take a walk in the park. If she has just been promoted at work, hug her and tell her how proud you are of her and treat her to a fancy dinner. 

Never keep score

Relationships should never be about holding grudges and taking revenge the next chance you get against your significant other. When you feel justified to do something immoral just because your girlfriend did something similar before, your connection has already turned into a toxic one. 


In such situations, neither one is willing to be the bigger person and apologize for the fear of losing the upper hand. Before you know, your love has hit a dead end.

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