Natalie Nunn reveals the real reason why she was KICKED off 'Celebrity Big Brother' UK

Natalie Nunn reveals the real reason why she was KICKED off 'Celebrity Big Brother' UK

Natalie Nunn shared that she was very excited to be on the reality TV show 'Celebrity Big Brother UK' and it happened after years and years of them "talking" to her to be a part of the show. However, she was quick to add that she was ousted so early because she "was in the house with a bunch of softies that were crying all day long."

Appearing on the 'Domenick Nati Show,' Natalie got candid about her experience on the show. "This was probably the hardest reality TV show that I have ever done in my life," she said explaining that it was because she felt as though she had to walk on eggshells every day while she was there. "It was like being outcasted," Natalie continued. She also spoke about why Rodrigo Alves was removed from the Big Brother house. 


As Natalie shared, Rodrigo was not fully comfortable about being there without her, and so once she was evicted from the house, he too decided to leave. "The truth is, I really don't know and all of a sudden speculations were coming-like Dan said he had an issue with him or he said 'this' word. The network never really made it clear and just said that Rodrigo has been removed from the house," she added.

However, Rodrigo kept saying that he quit the show and left the house and Natalie explains that there was a lot of "he said, she said." She went on to share that she had actually gone to dinner with Rodrigo where he told her that he left because she did. 

Natalie also opened up on what she thinks of Roxanne Pallett's future career and revealed that while walking on the streets of London, she would often be stopped by people and asked about the situation.

She was shocked at how an entire country can hate someone so much, and that kind of hate gives Natalie the chills and is scary. "I have never seen a reality show where a whole country hates somebody and turns on them. I don't think that she'll ever work in the industry over there again," Natalie revealed.  She went on to add that the British people are very uptight and there is no forgiveness from them and so "she's done."


Nunn was also asked about her salary which came in last week, but she refused to disclose how much she was paid. However, she did disclose her least favorite person on the show and said that it would most probably be Hardeep Singh Kohli. She shared that while she was living with him, it was like living in hell given how much he used to burp and fart and he would snore all night long.

She also revealed whom she would want to be on a show with the least sharing that it would probably be Peter Gunz from 'Love & Hip-Hop' because he is a womanizer and she is a very strong personality and a feminist. "I would want to stick up for all women that these men take advantage of," Natalie continued. 

Natalie was also questioned on whether she had ever experienced any sort of racism on a show to which she responded saying "no." However, she added that she did hear of some things when she was in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house, and "it was just very different culture. Things that they thought was funny, and things they want to part take in on jokes" was out of character of her. She added that given how she was raised and brought up, she did not think that some of these things were funny at all. 

"In some of the tasks that we played, I was not a huge fan of them. I also did not think that Hardeep's jokes - African/American jokes that he would say funny but I made sure to voice myself and I made sure that I was heard," Natalie concluded. 

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