'Narcos: Mexico' Season 2 Episode 9: This unpredictable drug war of Félix and the DEA won't end as you expect

With a bunch of big shocks, the episode sums up the unpredictability of 'Narcos: Mexico' Season 2!

                            'Narcos: Mexico' Season 2 Episode 9: This unpredictable drug war of Félix and the DEA won't end as you expect
Diego Luna as Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo (Netflix)

Spoiler Alert for 'Narcos: Mexico' Season 2 Episode 9 — 'Growth, Prosperity and Liberation'

A heartwarming flashback from Félix's (Diego Luna) past shows his old friend, Rafael Caro Quintero (Tenoch Huerta), excited about the seedless garden in the backyard. Félix comes home to his first wife María Elvira (Fernanda Urrejola) in Sinaloa. She asks him to come for his daughter's event in school and in return, he wants her to accompany to the election event.

Yes, everything is a negotiation for Félix.

But, Maria knows he didn't come for her. When she asks his real intentions, he tells her someone tried to kill him. It was Juan Nepomuceno Guerra. "You're never going to change," she says. "Give me a chance?" he asks. Félix eyes the big cocaine shipment now and if it comes through, he will be on top. 

José María Yazpik as Amado Carrillo Fuentes (Netflix)

Félix vs friends-turned-foes

As Félix stakes the future of his entire cartel on the delivery of 70 tons of cocaine, his friends are turning into foes. Enedina Arellano Felix (Mayra Hermosillo) alerts her brother Benjamín Arellano Félix (Alfonso Dosal) about the shipment through Juárez. 

Anyone Félix had wronged, they were rooting for him now. El Azul (Fermín Martínez) tells Felix how he is "gambling" with all lives. But Felix is arrogant. "You rose with me," he retorts. But it looks like Félix has a new friend in Amado Carrillo Fuentes (José María Yazpik). He gets down to the task. Guns are ready. Cartels are ready. And Félix is ready to attend the election event. Maria comes. They're welcomed as "friends of the party." 

Shipment carrying 70 tons of cocaine (Netflix)


Walt Breslin's sets on a journey 

Walt Breslin's words are the crux of the episode: "When you set on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. But if two, why not ten? If ten, why not a hundred? Because if the past wasn't going to catch up to Felix, then it was time to force its hand." 

He has a new plan, but now, without any support. He tells his team members, "If shit goes down south, it's on us." Ossie Mejia (Jero Medina) gives his full support to pull down Gallardo's entire operation and so do others. Together, they set out to topple the kingpin's empire. As they head towards the shipment, the lights streaming from the headlights makes for an enchanting cinematographic treat! 

Walt's men hold the cartel members hostage and take them down one-by-one. But, is that so easy? No, not at all. Walt soon realizes that it's an ambush. Amidst the hysteric attack, all his team members lose their lives. Enters Guillermo González Calderoni (Julio Cesar Cedillo)! He first saves Amat Palacios (Alberto Zeni) like a hero. What a fantabulous twist! Wait, no happiness lasts for long in 'Narcos: Mexico'. He shoots him too. 

In the end, the fight is between Breslin and Calderoni. The latter has all the stakes in the battle but he spares the former. "You should've been the one to die tonight. But I'm gonna let you live." It is a huge, huge loss for Breslin and there is no coming back.

Scoot McNairy as Walt Breslin (Netflix)

Félix for the big win

Maria is happy to know Felix got what he wanted. But she is shocked, and rightfully so. Walt loses at the hands of his own doings. "Who else made it out?" Heath asks. "Everyone's gone." The horror of his dead teammates shows on his face as he lights up a cigarette. 

"A rather unfortunate ending in Mexico, wouldn't you say?" Breslin is reprimanded. But he still stands strong on his belief that everything he did was to bring justice to Agent Camarena. The DEA doesn't care. Leyenda was over. The deaths weigh in on the impact of the War of Drugs. Walt is reassigned and told it is "more than he deserves." A slap on his sacrifices, isn't it? "What about my men?" he glumly asks. "These men are criminals, Agent Breslin. This country owes them nothing. It's over. You lost, Agent Breslin."

Meanwhile, Félix gets what he wanted and rewards his men with "equal shares." Amado and Félix shake hands. But Amado is confused. Is this what you wanted? To make everyone happy? Well, we are confused too. One thing is clear: Anything can happen in 'Narcos: Mexico' Season 2. You need to lay your cards right.

With a bunch of big shocks, the episode sums up the unpredictability of the Netflix crime-drama. In the end, the conquest gives Félix all that needs now: Growth, Prosperity, and Liberation! But is this really the end?

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