'Napoleon Dynamite' Jon Heder ties up with "unicorns" to promote BYU's business program

In the animated commercial, Brigham Young University teamed up with the star of the 2004 cult classic to promote its business program

                            'Napoleon Dynamite' Jon Heder ties up with "unicorns" to promote BYU's business program

Remember John Heder from the cult classic 'Napoleon Dynamite'? Well, he's back with unicorns, an animated one to be sure, to advertise Brigham Young University's penchant for an abundance of unicorns (get it?).

In the new animated commercial, BYU teamed up with Heder to advertise the business acumen of its university graduates.

The school is not actually talking about mythical creatures (a "unicorn" is a term for a 'private company worth a billion dollars or more' as said in the commercial) they did find the perfect actor to tackle the discussion promoting the university's reputation as a place where innovative businesses are born.

Highlighting that BYU is a "top ten unicorns producing school and top three in entrepreneurship," the "Unicorn-iversity," may be home to a lot of billion-dollar ideas, it would appear this ad is getting more flack than appreciation. It has been reported that BYU fans, who saw the commercial on ESPN as the Cougar football team beat the University of Arizona 28-23, had mixed reactions.

Several users on Twitter had strong reactions after the commercial released over the weekend.




BYU's new tagline "home to big ideas and unicorns," supplemented with "Go Cougars!" left many students embarrassed. 




It was reported earlier that following successful revival-tours of classic sci-fi and comedy movies including 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' and 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan' (with William Shatner), 'Napoleon Dynamite' will screen at Denver’s Paramount Theatre on Oct. 12.

The event is said to be built built around conversations with stars Heder, Efren Ramirez (who played Pedro) and Jon Gries (who played Uncle Rico) followed up with a Q&As.