What is 'Pelosi’s Subway'? Dems’ Covid-19 relief wishlist trolled, Internet asks if they ‘sell $5 foot longs’

'Marsha has hated Pelosi's Subway ever since they stopped the $5 footlong promotion' one tweeted

                            What is 'Pelosi’s Subway'? Dems’ Covid-19 relief wishlist trolled, Internet asks if they ‘sell $5 foot longs’
Nancy 'Pelosi's Subway' is a trending topic on Twitter (Getty Images)

House Democrats are planning to pass their $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill on Friday, February 26, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said they were looking at approving the package and getting it to President Joe Biden’s desk before March 14. While the Republicans have questioned the need for nearly $2 trillion, US Senator from Tennessee Marsha Blackburn took a jab at the Democrats by tweeting “COVID Relief” wishlist, with $112 dedicated to “Pelosi’s Subway’ among others. 

Soon, social media users started trending Pelosi’s subway, as they tried to wrap their head around the new and bizarre spending on the Covid relief bill, with many asking what it meant, while others wondered where would all the money go as Democrats are being questioned for pursuing goals that aren’t related to coronavirus pandemic. 


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U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Getty Images)

Why is Pelosi’s Subway trending?

Pelosi has been an advocate for transportation and infrastructure for a long time. Before Biden took office, during the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Golden Gate Bridge, celebrating the new movable median barrier, she had said that she was fighting to “secure federal funding to address the critical transportation and infrastructure needs in our city”. She had told at the press conference that the funding aimed at securing nearly $1 billion for Central Subway. 

It remains to be seen once the Covid-19 relief bill is finalized if the estimated amount had been dedicated towards transportation as Pelosi wished. However, Blackburn couldn’t let go of the opportunity as she took to Twitter to mock Sen Schumer and Pelosi with her ‘“COVID RELIEF” Wishlist’. 

Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during the Weekly News Conference on Capitol Hill on October 08, 2020 in Washington, DC. Pelosi spoke on the uncertainty around negotiations of another emergency COVID-19 relief package. (Getty Images)

'Pelosi's subway is a big old sandwich'

Soon people started joking about 'Pelosi’s Subway' as some were seen asking if it sold $ 5 footlongs and sandwiches, while others established that the money will end up in the politicians’ pockets. Meanwhile, others mocked Republicans for their inefficiency under Donald Trump as they pointed out Democrats’ intention with the Covid-19 relief bill. 

One tweeted, "I am choosing to believe that Pelosi's subway is a big old sandwich that Pelosi and all her staffers are chowing down on in her office" With avocado which costs extra." Another asked, ""How do I get a ticket for Pelosi’s Subway?" Ya got to phone George Soros and he'll send you a ticket. Or Al Gore. Maybe ask Hillary. LOL! Who knows what runs through the fascist brains of Republicans." One tweeted, "I want to take Pelosi’s subway to the museum and then I’ll stop at Planned Parenthood on the way back." Another joked, "Marsha has hated Pelosi's Subway ever since they stopped the $5 footlong promotion." one tweeted, "Does Pelosi’s Subway sell $5 foot longs? If so, I’m there"










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