'Nancy Drew' premiere springs a decent mystery but disappoints many with a lackluster plot, sexualized characters

'Nancy Drew' premiere springs a decent mystery but disappoints many with a lackluster plot, sexualized characters

Possible spoilers for The CW's 'Nancy Drew' premiere. 

Nancy Drew fans tuned into The CW's latest rendition of the adventures of the world's most loved teen sleuth 'Nancy Drew' and found themselves pleasantly surprised. 

It is not entirely incorrect to assume that the series is born out of 'Riverdale' inspirations frankly because it is. In this brand new interpretation of the teenage detective, Kennedy McMacc essays the role of the brilliant detective whose "sense of self had come from solving mysteries in her hometown of Horseshoe Bay, Maine." 

But after losing her mother to cancer, Nancy faces an identity crisis. As she says in the pilot episode, "I don't go searching in the dark anymore. Not after the darkness found me." After the untimely demise of her mother, Nancy decides to take a gap year and then go to college; in the meanwhile, she had decided to stay right here in Horseshoe Bay and live a lowkey life. 

But as is the case with mysteries, Nancy can't outrun them - they are following her. And so, even in the gap year, she finds herself embroiled in a murder mystery. 


Well, there are more than one mysteries. A ghost is haunting Nancy's murders investigations - Dead Lucy, who wore the crown of Horseshoe Bay's Sea Queen for just one night in 2000 before dying at the age of 17. And as it turns out, both the deaths are eerily connected. And Nancy must solve them both before she and her 'friends' (more like co-workers and boyfriend) are implicated. 

For all the criticism the series faced in its infancy specifically owing to the network sexualizing the character - a treatment not uncommon for The CW - 'Nancy Drew' features a decent mystery. And the show has already garnered fans. 

Still from the premiere of 'Nancy Drew' (Image: The CW)

"#NancyDrew best new drama. Fresh. Kinda spooky. Quirky. Ticks all the right boxes. And Scott Wolf!!" exclaimed a fan. 


"Ok y’all so this @cw_nancydrew #NancyDrew series is giving me life. I’m loving it... my type of show, but then again a LOVED the book series also," said a fan.

Another reason for the show to work among fans is actress Kennedy McMann. "Kennedy McMann is such a sweet girl and an actual decent actress, which is rare for the CW so props #NancyDrew," said a fan. 

Still, there are many who aren't impressed. "As expected, @cw_nancydrew is a disappointment. In classic CW fashion, they’ve taken a timeless, beloved, virtuous, heroic character & slathered it in a thick layer of sordid SJW filth. If you’re going to change everything about a character, create a new character," said one fan. 


For some, their image of Nancy Drew is completely tainted. "It’s just kind of a fact that my entire life has been based around Nancy Drew, so my official review of the new CW show #NancyDrew is as follows: ass!" said an upset fan. "Literally every waking second of my childhood was playing detective, reading the books, playing the games, etc. I’m literally in school to be a detective now just because of Nancy Drew. and this show is a disappointment!!" they continued. 

Others are willing to give the series another chance. "I am a lifelong Nancy Drew fan, but I was a little disappointed. I wanted more mystery throughout the episode, but they crammed most of it into the last four minutes. I hope they figure out the pacing because I have so many questions."


"Not sure I’m sold on @cw_nancydrew - but I after that last creep-tastic shot I’m tuning in next week - just in case! #tryiton," wrote a fan. 

Sexualization of Nancy and the rest of her team George, Bess, Ace, and Nick, is still the biggest turn off for several fans. "Had been excited for @cw_nancydrew but it's a huge fail. The opening scene is of Nancy Drew having sex, and between "supernatural" events, more and more sex. The only mystery is why they're ruining what could be a great mystery series with porn", lamented one. "So Nancy drew is full of sexual debauchery her dad sleeping with her friend & Nancy drew kissing a Coon LoL its disgusting", said another. 

It looks like we will have to wait to gauge the show better. 'Nancy Drew' airs Wednesdays at 9 PM ET on The CW.





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