'Nancy Drew' Episode 6: The Marvins and the Hudsons could have something to do with Lucy or Tiffany's murders

'Nancy Drew' Episode 6: The Marvins and the Hudsons could have something to do with Lucy or Tiffany's murders

Major spoilers ahead for season 1 episode 6 of 'Nancy Drew' titled 'The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge'

After a supernatural episode last week, the sixth episode of season 1 of 'Nancy Drew' revolved around the teen sleuth digging into Lucy Sable's murder.

Nancy (Kennedy McMann) is haunted by Lucy's ghost, after which she takes to looking into clues for her murder. But she is not the only one haunted by Lucy Sable - Ryan Hudson (Riley Smith) visits Nancy asking her to help him out because someone is after his life. The teenage detective decides to harness Ryan's fear and use it to get more information out of him. At first, Ryan tells her that Lucy and he were nothing more than a summer fling, but it is obvious that there is more to that relationship than he claims.

Nancy is trying to find answers by deciphering a poem she found in the time capsule left behind by Lucy. But while this only confuses her further, it takes her to the right place.

There is a certain uber-elite party called The Velvet Masque where Horseshoe Bay's super-rich bid on antiquities. Remember that party that Detective Karen (Alvina August) had told Nancy about? The Velvet Masque is that party. As it turns out Lucy and Ryan had gone together to The Velvet Masque together, but things hadn't gone all that smoothly. 

According to Lucy's poem, as Nancy manages to decipher midway through the party, is that Ryan's mother had an affair with someone else - someone from the Marvin family, the Hudsons' business rivals and Lucy witnessed them together at the party.

At the same time, we still don't know what Nancy's father Carson (Scott Wolf) knows and doesn't know for Ryan's mother points out just how discreet he has been in the past when Nancy questions her about Lucy witnessing this encounter. Which brings us back to this one particular scene that was shown in the very first episode the series - Nancy walking into her mother and her father hiding something in the supposed grandmother's truck. Add to that the fact that Carson sneakily burned Lucy's blood-soaked dress. So what did happen to Lucy?

What we also know at this point is that Ryan and Lucy's relationship was more than a summer fling as he had claimed. They clearly were closer and more intense than that, but it was his parents who got in the way and "handled" Lucy (as his mother had said). 


The ghost of Lucy Sable also gave Nancy another hint - that Tiffany and Lucy's murders are somehow linked. Also considering how during Tiffany's investigation into the Hudsons, the Marvins kept popping up. Maybe the Hudsons and Marvins are not rivals after all - at least it looks like it at this point.

'Nancy Drew' airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm ET/PT on The CW. 

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