'Nancy Drew': Fans say they might drop the show after Season 1 following supernatural episode with no possible explanation

'Nancy Drew': Fans say they might drop the show after Season 1 following supernatural episode with no possible explanation

Possible spoilers for 'Nancy Drew' on The CW 

When The CW's 'Nancy Drew' was still to come to screens, many from the audience were not exactly ready to give the show a chance. Fans weren't sure how the network would take the story forward. They were especially skeptical owing to The CW's hodgepodge approach with 'Riverdale'.

Yet after the first episode, fans picked up and they went along with Kennedy McMann's Nancy Drew hunting for a murderer who seems to be linked to a mysterious murder from the past. 

Till episode 4 'The Haunted Ring', the show was still toeing the line between a murder mystery and a supernatural show - featuring only random sightings of a spirit/ghost. But with episode 5 'The Case of the Wayward Spirit', they erased all possibility of it just being an investigative series making itself a supernatural show complete with an exorcism.


In the 'Nancy Drew' books, there seemed to be a logical explanation for all the eerie, supernatural incidents. Obviously they would be part of the entire mystery being unraveled but by the end of the episode, you knew how and why it happened.

But if we are to go by the show's latest treatment of the teen sleuth's adventures, it doesn't look like Nancy is only investigating a murder mystery. 

"It's been a long time since I've read a Nancy Drew book, but the one thing I won't ever forget is that all the supernatural stuff that seemed to happen always had a perfectly logical explanation. After the first couple of episodes, I was like... how are they going to explain some of this away? Because one of the main tenants of Nancy Drew is that everything always has an explanation that isn't a ghost or a possession or whatever else is going on," lamented a fan on Reddit.


Dead Lucy is apparently haunting Nancy's investigation (Image: IMDb)

The question, for fans, now remains if the show is going to use logic or are they going to take the supernatural course. Especially since they are not seeing this kind of show for the first time. "My brain keeps going back to Buffy. The CW/UPN/WB have done this style show a million times. I would have been happier if there was really great writing explaining away the supernatural," pointed out another

And it is making fans restless. "I don’t think I’ll watch beyond Season 1 to be honest, because I don’t think this is true to the spirit of the books at all," wrote one.


In a way, it is unfair to expect every rendition to stick to the books since many rarely do. And that is why some want to give it a chance, simply because there is no real rush and the show has time to find its footing, as a fan says: "It's perfectly fine to look at something based on a book series you like and say that's not right. We're getting a lot of book adaptations. Not all of them are faithful. Some are outright bastardizations. Hopefully, the show developed into something you still want to watch. Remember it's only five episodes in."

'Nancy Drew' episode 6 'The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge' will air on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, at 9 pm  ET/PT on The CW. 


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