'Nancy Drew' Season 1 Episode 4: Tiffany's sister Laura believes she was murdered. Will she find out the truth?

The autopsy report for Tiffany Hudson says that she died of natural causes. But did she really?

                            'Nancy Drew' Season 1 Episode 4: Tiffany's sister Laura believes she was murdered. Will she find out the truth?

Spoilers ahead for season 1 episode 4 'The Haunted Ring' of 'Nancy Drew'

Tiffany Hudson's (Sinead Curry) autopsy results are back - the reports conclude that she died of natural causes and wasn't murdered. The Hudsons had requested a private autopsy owing to their position of power in the blue-collar town of Horseshoe Bay, which had peaked Nancy's (Kennedy McMann) doubts about Ryan's involvement in the murder. 

Remember that the only way that her husband Ryan Hudson (Riley Smith) gets money from her estate is if Tiffany had indeed died of natural causes. So Nancy, even her attorney father Carson Drew (Scott Wolf) who is defending Ryan, suspects him of having something to do with her murder. But of course she didn't die of natural causes - a healthy 28-year-old woman doesn't just drop dead, her sister Laura Tandy (Stevie Lynn Jones) points out. 

Episode 4 'The Haunted Ring' brings Tiffany's sister to Horseshoe Bay for her funeral. But Laura is sure that Tiffany was killed and that the reports are lying. She also, to a certain extent, blames the influential Hudsons, who had not only asked for a private autopsy but also rushed the funeral with their control over the town. The minute she sets foot in Horseshoe Bay, Laura heads over to the police station, where she swears to find the killer - doing the police's job for them. 

But what makes Laura an interesting addition to the cast is that she has some sort of history with Ace (Alex Saxon). From their conversations, it seems like they shared an intense time together before she left and he never contacted her. How will the return of this love interest play out? Especially for Ace who had earlier shown an interest in Bess (Maddison Jaizani). 

Either way, Ryan's involvement seems dubious. The show is trying too hard to hint at Ryan's hand in the murder, which makes it seem like a red herring. 

But now Nancy has company in her investigations. 

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