A photographer decided to take a picture of a homeless couple, and then their lives changed forever

A photographer gave a homeless couple a makeover documenting their transformation. Now, they’re famous and are flooded with job offers.

                            A photographer decided to take a picture of a homeless couple, and then their lives changed forever
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Today we talk about the heart-warming story of Sammy and Virginia. A homeless couple that found their world changed when a Nairobi-based photographer decided to give them a life-changing transformation.

The photographer decided to give them a makeover and documented their metamorphosis in a series of candid captures. He met the couple when they were living on the street, reports Indy100.

The lensman, who works under the name of Muchiri Frames, gifted the couple the revamp on Valentine's Day. Muchiri Frames gave the struggling couple a haircut, makeup, and trendy outfits to wear. The photographer's uplifting project, which he is calling 'Glued for Life', has received millions of views online, and also features a video compiling the affair. 

Ever since Muchiri Frames intervened in Sammy and Virginia's previously troubled lives, they have been flooded with job offers. The photos were first published by indy100. They asked Muchiri Frames a series of questions on how they changed the couple's lives.

On Sammy and Virginia's current situation, the photographer replied saying that the duo are doing very well and ever since they began receiving job offers, the couple is deciding which one suits them best. The chat revealed that the duo now have a house with rent paid upfront for five months and job offers. They are yet to settle on any job offers as in the process of counseling and integration is key to ensure they do not slide back to the streets.

On why the couple was given a makeover, the company told Indy100: "Muchiri Frames is a photography company that is large on weddings and so celebrating love is our speciality. On Valentine's Day, in the spirit of giving back and redefining love through its simplest form, we decided to do something different to someone who had no way of paying us back. Changing a life while documenting the journey through our art. That is how we settled on the street love story."

After seeing their bright and joyful faces in the shoot, it is but evident that the duo thoroughly enjoyed the project and so Muchiri Frames was asked which part of the shoot did Sammy and Virginia enjoy the most?  "Their best experience yet was their first time on a flight," replied the company. After the story, a local tour company called Bonfire Adventures offered to take them for a three-day holiday trip in Diani Mombasa as a way of exposing them to the good side of life, they further revealed.

This was the couple's best-loved moment because every time they narrated their life-changing story, their eyes lit up to the fact that they boarded an airplane. A dream even in their best days they would never have dared to have, the photographers state. "Life in the street is unpredictable and on nights where you get to eat anything, you scramble for leftovers with the dogs [so] they also loved the food. They were exposed to various new types of food, a dining experience and mannerism that they never knew existed," they added. 

The heart-warming project, called 'Glued for Life', can also be seen in a video which has been viewed by a number of people.