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'Mystic Pop-up Bar' Episode 11: Weol-ju and Gwi's lives will take a shocking turn, will trust prevail?

The 'Mystic Pop-up Bar' finale week will see Weol-ju and Gwi face their tragic past together with the help of Kang-bae
Weol-ju and Gwi (JTBC)
Weol-ju and Gwi (JTBC)

The 'Mystic Pop-up Bar' finale week is here and in episode 11 we will see the consequence of Weol-ju learning the truth about Gwi. At the end of episode 10, after hearing Kang-bae flirt with Yeo-rin using the same lines as what the Crown Prince had used in the past with her, Weol-ju realizes that something was wrong. She asked Kang-bae where he heard these lines, and he said that it was from Gwi. Everything that he had heard from Gwi in the past, comments that he made in passing take on a whole new meaning.  

In the upcoming episode, Gwi will have to face Weol-ju's wrath for lying to her all this while about who he is. In the promo, we see Gwi and Weol-ju tell Kang-bae that they used to date and their new friend is shocked to hear the truth. Then we see Gwi and Weol-ju sit down to discuss what has happened in life, the past and if Gwi made a mistake. This means that we might learn what really happened 500 years ago in the upcoming episode. 

The most interesting part about the promo, however, is about Kang-bae. He realized that Yeo-rin was the perfect woman for him when she didn't react to his touch. He then pursued her, the two became friends first and after Weol-ju and Gwi convinced Yeo-rin that they were working for the CIA, she became a bit more open to Kang-bae's charms. Turned out that Yeo-rin also has an issue, similar to Kang-bae for which she was trolled and bullied in the past. Anyone that Yeo-rin liked, she couldn't get close to them physically because the other party would get a chilling feeling deep in their bones forcing them to run away from her. 

So, Yeo-rin had decided not to date and open herself up for heartbreak. However, Kang-bae did not react like the others to her touch, and the more she came to know him, the more she liked him. The fact that Yeo-rin is the holy stone's reincarnation who can help fix Kang-bae's issues only helps the connection between them further. However, in the upcoming episode, a problem seems to arise on Yeo-rin's end. When she holds Kang-bae's hand, she hears a voice say "Don't hold his hand" after which we also see Yeo-rin visit the Mystic Pop-up Bar. 


She sees the magic drink that Weol-ju and Gwi use to help souls who hold grudges followed by a scene of Kang-bae in dark clothes standing in front of a tree. The tree looks eerily similar to the same tree from which Weol-ju had hung herself in the past. If that is the case, what could be the connection between Kang-bae and Weol-ju? 

At this point, we also see Weol-ju slap Gwi but we are not sure why. All we see is Gwi trying to tell Weol-ju to trust him once. This is something he had told her in the past, but that didn't exactly play out well, did it? However, the reason that Gwi got slapped could also be because Weol-ju learned the truth about Gwi signing a contract with the God of Underworld in his place. 

'Mystic Pop-up Bar' originally airs in South Korea on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9.30 pm KST on JTBC and can be streamed on Netflix in the US.