Mystery of the Moskva: Video showing ship's captain alive spawns conspiracy theories

Mystery of the Moskva: Video showing ship's captain alive spawns conspiracy theories
The video reportedly shows the survivors of the sunken Moskva warship (@Liveuamap/Twitter)

Russia has released a video that reportedly shows the survivors of the sunken Moskva warship. The video also shows the captain who was said to have been killed in the Black Sea during a missile attack by Ukraine. A virtual Moscow news blackout had led to people speculating that hundreds had been killed. However, the recent footage shows naval chief Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov, 60, addressing naval officers and seamen in the Crimean port city of Sevastopol.

It is unclear when the meeting actually took place. The footage shows one official who resembles 1st rank Captain Anton Kuprin, commander of the Moskva, who Ukrainians believed that sunk after the Neptune missile strike. The video, which is soundless, shows over 100 sailors and offciers standing at attention in dress uniform during the parade. The Kremlin had taken a day to acknowledge that the ship had sunk. 


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Ukraine had claimed that entire crew of the 12,500-ton vessel had died. The crew included 510 people, including Anton Kuprin, the commander of the Black Sea Fleet. The veracity of the recently-released footage could not be verified. In fact, on Friday, April 15, several people were seen holding a vigil in a town square in Sevastopol.


The video has now given rise to various conspiracy theories. "Today's video of Moskva crew or what's left of it. Looks like about 60 sailors. The captain who was reported killed is very much alive. The commander of the Russian Navy admiral Evmenov is there. The Commander of the Black Sea Fleet is not," one user wrote on Twitter. "Has anybody checked if these seamen are actually from Moskva? Around 60 matches the number that the Turkish vessel arguably had rescued. The captain is alive ... unless everybody was rescued as Russia claims, the captain is not supposed to abandon the ship until the last moment," wrote another.



"Admiral Yevmenov must be really proud of the remaining crew of the Moskva who let it catch fire for no reason, allowed the fire to develop and explode ammo then sink while being towed in calm seas. Brilliant PR for the Russian navy. If I was them, I'd lie and say Ukraine did it !" one user wrote, while another said, "Is the Captain of the Moskva still alive? Is the 25 second video released proof…. Or is it an old irrelevant video? I say this is propaganda. I say it because…. If I were Putin…. And if he were alive…. I’d have him live, answering live questions to stick 2 fingers up!" "What about Mordvichev and captain of Moskva? Both of them are alive. So, ukrainian side underestimated their losses 10 times. Zelensky mentioned 2,5-3 th dead ukrainians although they lost over 10th only in Mariupol," said one user.




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