Gorilla Glue: TikToker Tessica Brown warns about spray which left her stuck with one hairstyle for a month

Tessica Brown warned users against applying the hair spray in a couple of viral TikTok videos where she claimed to have used the adhesive product to 'finish off' her hairdo

                            Gorilla Glue: TikToker Tessica Brown warns about spray which left her stuck with one hairstyle for a month
TikTok Tessica Brown warns people against using Gorilla Glue spray on hair (Twitter/ Raven Darkhölme)

Gorilla Glue spray is a strict no-no for your hair. This lesson was learned by TikToker Tessica Brown the hard way. She has been stuck (literally) with a single hairstyle for the past month. Brown, who goes by the username Im_D_Ollady on the social media platform, warned users against applying the hair spray in a couple of viral TikTok videos, where she claimed to have used the adhesive product to “finish off” her hairdo. She described how she had opted to use Gorilla Glue spray as a substitute when she ran out of her go-to product. Even after more than a dozen hair washes, Brown said hair remained unmoved.

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“Hey, y’all. For those of you that know me know that my hair has been like this for about a month now. It’s not by choice. No, it’s not by choice,” she said in the beginning of the first video she posted. “When I do my hair, I like to finish it off with a little Göt2b Glued Spray, you know, just to keep it in place. Well, I didn’t have any more göt2b Glued Spray, so I used this: Gorilla Glue spray. Bad, bad, bad idea. My hair, it don’t move. You hear what I’m telling you? It. Don’t. Move,” she said. “… So I’ma tell y’all like this: If you ever, ever run out of Göt2b Glued Spray, don’t ever use this. Unless you want your hair to be like that forever.”

In a follow-up video shared on Thursday morning, she tried using a shampoo to get the hair to move on camera. There was no movement seen in her hair as she fought back tears. 


Since then, a number of TikTokkers have tried to offer Brown solutions, such as soaking her hair in water and other ways to loosen up the spray's lacquer. Some have even suggested her to cut off her hair if she runs out of all options. The videos also drew a number of reactions on Twitter as they went viral on that medium too. 

"The gorilla glue hair video is stressing me out," one of them wrote while another said, "We really got 'I used dog shampoo' and 'I used gorilla glue on my hair' in the same week. Please speed up vaccinations. I cannot deal with this." A third noted, "If I ever slick my hair down with Gorilla Glue Imma be bashing through some walls like." One more commented, "Saw gorilla glue trending and thought there was a new strain out." 

The next quipped, "That girl sprayed gorilla glue on her hair. Oh Lord I lift my sister and her scalp up in loving prayer." One more added, "Most people watching the Tiktok of the woman who used Gorilla Glue spray on her hair: horrified Cosplayers watching the Tiktok: taking notes on what to use for a cosplay wig that will never budge." Another reacted with, "Could the gorilla glue girl soak her shit in acetone?..... i feel like that would burn so bad though."

A commenter tweeted, "could she even shave her head with that gorilla glue on it.. i’m scared for her." Another noted, "They really have gorilla snot aannddd got 2b glue... if the gorilla glue thing didn’t happen to this girl it was gonna be someone else lmao one lil mix up in the amazon search bar and it was gonna be over for somebody. it just happened to be her." One more wrote, "Chile on day 4 of black history month and a girl got gorilla glue stuck in her hair I really hope she gets it out mannnnn."





















According to Gorilla Glue's FAQ section for the particular spray, "wiping adhesive with a dry cloth and then washing the area with soap and water" is the solution to remove the product if it gets on someone's skin or body while still wet. "Once cured, rinse well with water," it added. The solution might not work with Brown's hair as it appeared to dry and firm up before this method could be implemented. 

A Gorilla Glue spokesperson told Newsweek, "We saw the video as well, and we do not recommend using our products in hair, as they are considered permanent." The statement further said that if someone uses the product on hair, "try soaking the affected area in warm, soapy water or applying rubbing alcohol to the area."

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