'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4: Dr Ebonie Vincent's shocked by Brandon's bad foot hygiene

A good example of bad foot hygiene is what Dr Ebonie Vincent's patient, Brandon, brings to the table while meeting her

                            'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4: Dr Ebonie Vincent's shocked by Brandon's bad foot hygiene
Brandon in 'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4, episode 2 (TLC)

Dr Ebonie Vincent, a prominent foot and ankle surgeon, is tasked with schooling a patient about basic foot hygiene. Brandon, her most recent patient, is unaccustomed to cleaning and drying his feet after a shower.

'My Feet Are Killing Me,' TLC's popular medical transformation series, is not for the faint-hearted. If strange warts, strange-looking fungi, and gag-worthy growths make you cringe, this show is probably not for you. However, if you can tolerate it, watching medical reality shows may be surprisingly fulfilling and comfortable. It follows the most beautiful and brilliant podiatrists as they treat a slew of foot and leg illnesses, some of which are the strangest we've ever seen. Seeing the surgeons transform their patients' feet and assist people to relieve their agony, on the other hand, is a different kind of relaxing experience.


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'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4, episode 2 (TLC)


Dr Vincent's surgical prowess has been acknowledged internationally. She is known for her unique surgical techniques, yet even the weirdest of patients' conditions may catch her off guard. In the latest episode of 'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4, Dr Vincent is approached by a patient called Brandon, who has a significant foot condition caused by his poor hygiene. Brandon visited Dr Vincent in the hopes of getting out of a nasty foot issue. He admits to having up to three dead toenails. He also has dead white skin that has built up between his toes and is quite itchy.

Brandon's issue dates back to middle school when he began playing football. By high school, things had gotten worse because being an athlete required him to spend long hours in close-toed shoes. As Dr Vincent pointed out, wearing sports shoes for an extended length of time destroys the nail bed. She also mentioned how the moisture trapped beneath becomes the ideal environment for fungus to grow.

When the doctor examined the area between the toes, she saw it was very moist and macerated. The odor, according to Dr Vincent, was "a little bad like a community pool." She went on to describe it as a cross between a strong chlorine odor and a moldy smell. The enormous fungal toenails were thick and big, with a lot of debris beneath them. The dead-toe nails have become as hard as a rock, just like anyone who suffers from fungus. Dr Vincent also explained that when fungus grows beneath a toenail, it becomes incredibly hard and thick.

It came as no surprise that the area between the toes was in poor condition for someone who refuses to scrub or dry his feet after a shower. Brandon stated that his feet sweat constantly. Dr Vincent confirmed that fungal growth thrives under his feet due to excessive wetness, as it prefers to develop in "hot sweaty moist environments that are dark."
Dr Vincent had no choice but to remove the entire dead toenail to make things better for Brandon. She peeled the dead toenail off so that a new one might grow in its place. She assures him that new toenails would come back in no time because the actual nail bed was not in such bad shape (ideally it takes 18 months for new nails to grow).


Only on TLC, Season 4 of 'My Feet Are Killing Me' airs every Wednesday at 9 pm ET.

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