'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4: Dr Ebonie helps Emily with her bunion deformity before she gets septic

'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4: Dr Ebonie helps Emily with her bunion deformity before she gets septic
Dr Ebonie's patient Emily in 'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4 (TLC)

In the most recent episode of 'My Feet Are Killing Me,' Season 4, Dr Ebonie is confronted with a bunion straight out of a horror film. A hairdresser approaches her, concerned that she would be unable to work due to her bunion deformity.

Emily, a hairdresser who works long hours, is at a crossroads in her life and is unsure if she can continue working. She describes her discomfort as having nails pierced her in the same location repeatedly, with a huge amount of pain extending straight into her bunion. Working as a hairdresser is quite difficult for her, and it increases when she has to stand for long periods. She initially noticed the developing bulge on her foot five years ago, and now that the matter has gotten out of hand, she is seeking expert assistance from Dr Ebonie.


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Dr. Ebonie with her patient Emily and her friend Ariel in 'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4 (TLC)

Emily, who has spent years disguising her foot under unsightly men's shoes, longs to be free. She was exhausted from having to pick which shoe to wear to work and addressing people's queries about her condition. Her foot seems distorted even when she is not wearing socks. To relieve her misery, she chooses to go to Orange County with her friend Ariel to consult with Dr Ebonie.

Dr Ebonie realizes after a thorough examination that Emily's condition has deteriorated significantly over the years. Emily's bunion deformity was complicated by an inflated and inflamed sac; in the worst-case situation, she may get infected and develop sepsis. With her age on her side, Dr Ebonie advised her to have it fixed as soon as possible. She didn't appear to be infected yet, but she did appear to be irritated.

Dr Ebonie believed Emily may benefit from surgery because her abnormality was at her midfoot. She intended to spin the bone in the middle, kicking out the lump. Dr Ebonie intended to make a few incisions on Emily's foot to correct the bunion problem. Her foot should be as good as new after the incisions heal.

With Emily's approval, Dr Ebonie starts to correct her bunion deformity to ensure her structural integrity. She then wants to have the cyst removed and to have a more visually attractive foot. Dr Ebonie corrects the bunion deformity at its source, the midfoot, using a typical bunion operation. She fuses the midfoot joint after rotating it into a straight posture. Dr Ebonie places the plates once the bone is straight and the bunion is gone, and everything is in a stable position. She then works to extract the lump in one piece so that it may be sent to pathology. She sews Emily back up after that's done.

Emily's foot recovered a few months after the pathology result came back clean. Dr Ebonie finds the bunion and cyst are gone during her follow-up appointment. She discovers no trace of the two. Emily is expected to be able to wear regular shoes again after a few more months of rest.

Before and After Dr. Ebonie's surgery in 'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4 (TLC)

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