'My Feet Are Killing Me': Paul visits Dr Ebonie Vincent to get rid of 'giant mushroom' growing on his feet

Paul Wright is turning to Dr Ebonie Vincent with the hope that she would be able to explain to him what the growth on his feet is.

                            'My Feet Are Killing Me': Paul visits Dr Ebonie Vincent to get rid of 'giant mushroom' growing on his feet
Paul Wright (TLC)

Paul Wright has been having a hard time going about his everyday life ever since he found a growth on his feet. It all started when Paul was in high school. He remembers finding the growth but did not think it was serious until he started feeling a sharp pain running through his body because of it. Paul visited a number of doctors but none of them were able to give him an answer as to what it was. 

Some of them suggested that it might be cancer. Hearing the "C" word sent chills down his spine which led him to avoid getting it checked. However, as Paul is aging, things have been getting harder. He revealed that he is having a hard time walking and as he is growing up, the pain and disturbance caused by the growth is increasing. 

Paul fears what would happen if it is cancer or if there comes a time when one of the doctors suggests that he will have to get his feet amputated. Thinking about the worst, Paul was fearful of meeting Dr Ebonie Vincent. While Paul was not too happy about the growth, his girlfriend, Lauren, seemed fascinated with it. 

She was the one who pushed him to meet the doctor and see what it was. Upon meeting Dr Vincent, Paul described the growth as a "giant mushroom" growing on his feet. However, Dr Vincent examined his growth and was unable to identify what it was. She decided to take an MRI to have a better picture of what she was dealing with. 

She realized that the growth was not affecting anything but it was rooted deeper in the tissue. She told Paul that it is early to eliminate the chances of cancer and to know if it is that or not it was important for her to do a surgery. She revealed that she would be taking out the growth and stitching the hole caused by it, but warned him not to put any pressure on the wound.

Paul agreed and decided to go under the knife with the hope that it would make things alright. Once  Dr Vincent performed the surgery she was pleased to find out that the growth did not attach itself to anything and the chances of it growing back seemed dim. However, she wanted to be sure about what it was. 

The only difficulty she had during the surgery was to stitch the skin back together. She used the help of a skin graft to make sure that Paul's wound is healed properly. She decided to send the growth to a pathology to know what it is.  

After a couple of weeks, Paul was back to meet Dr Vincent to find out the results of his reports. He was happy to find out that the growth was just a benign skin tag. and was ready to start his life afresh.

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