'My Feet Are Killing Me': Does John have bone tumor? Dr Brad wonders after noticing 'brain' pattern on his foot

John meets Dr Brad Schaeffer to seek help for his foot that has been giving him pain for many years

                            'My Feet Are Killing Me': Does John have bone tumor? Dr Brad wonders after noticing 'brain' pattern on his foot
John (TLC)

Dr Brad Schaeffer has been seeing patients virtually ever since Covid-19 was declared as a pandemic that led to a global lockdown. In the latest episode (October 29), Dr Brad met John, a patient who has been suffering from immense pain since his childhood. Before meeting him on a video call, Dr Brad was given a video that showed the condition and X-Rays of John's foot. 

Dr Brad admitted he hadn't seen anything like that before and wondered if he had a bone tumor. He then got on a call with John and found out he was born with a big toe that was growing too quickly. John's parents decided to remove the big toe in the hope that it would stop the growth. 

However, it did not seem to bring the results they were hoping to find. John revealed despite the surgery, the bone kept growing, and it had reached a point where every step that he makes pains. He described the feeling as someone holding a sharp knife under his foot. 

The surgery had also caused the excess mass to grow on his leg. Dr Brad decided to have a look at how his foot was now and see how he walked to get a better standing. John then showed Dr Brad how he would normally walk and the area that would pain a lot. Dr Brad was shocked to see how the mass was slowly covering the other toes and formed a brain pattern under his foot. 

At the same time, he could see John was in a lot of pain when he tried walking. He understood the pain was generated because of the pressure John was putting on his foot. Dr Brad suggested they take a biopsy to make sure the mass was not cancerous in nature. He further added that one way to treat his condition would be by performing the trans metatarsal. 

This procedure would see Dr Brad making insertion and cutting each bone to remove the mass. At the same time, he suggested John would be able to walk freely as they would give him customized shoes that would make walking easier. 

'My Feet Are Killing Me' airs on Thursdays at 10:30 pm ET on TLC.

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