'My Feet Are Killing Me': Jewell feels she is walking with a 'broken foot' as she seeks help from Dr Schaeffer

There are days and sometimes even weeks when Jewell is in pain and cannot walk

                            'My Feet Are Killing Me': Jewell feels she is walking with a 'broken foot' as she seeks help from Dr Schaeffer
Jewell (TLC)

There is not a day when Jewell does not like to wear heels but things get hard for her because of her feet.

Appearing on the show, Jewell, who is a graphic designer, revealed that the pain in her foot is so bad that she often feels she is walking with a "broken foot". In fact, there are times when the pain gets so bad that Jewell feels like she is being tased. 

She decided to meet Dr Brad Schaeffer hoping that he would be able to help her out with her feet. Jewell has only one wish and that is to wear heels on her wedding day. She recently got engaged to her partner Dominique and is hoping that when she walks down the aisle to marry her, she would be able to feel comfortable just walking. 

Dominique said there are times when Jewell finds it hard to walk and there are days and sometimes even weeks when she is in pain and cannot walk. Jewell revealed that when she is walking, she needs the support of something because there are times when she feels like she could fall. 

Dr Schaeffer was more than happy to help Jewell and decided to call her for consultation. Once examined, Dr Schaeffer was surprised to look at the state of her feet but knew that he had to help her get ready for her special day. Talking to Dr Schaeffer, Jewell revealed that she had amniotic band syndrome.

Jewell recalled that when she was in the womb, the band wrapped around her foot and stopped the blood circulation which led to the doctors amputating one of her feet. Another reason for amputation was that she had a club foot and the doctors thought that amputation would be the safest option for her.

Meanwhile, her other feet was swollen and Dr Schaeffer could see how all the pressure was on her heels and that was the root cause of her pain. He assured her that he would find out a way to make sure that she is able to walk properly on the day of her wedding and Jewell felt pleased to hear this. 

Dr Schaeffer decided to give Jewell custom made insertion that would help her walk freely and could be used on any footwear that she decided to wear. Once Jewell wore them, she felt the difference and said that she was able to finally walk freely. She added that she was finally ready to walk down the aisle. 

'My Feet Are Killing Me' airs on Thursdays at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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