'My Feet Are Killing Me': Jolynn uses superglue to close her heel cracks and Dremel tool to remove flakes

'My Feet Are Killing Me': Jolynn uses superglue to close her heel cracks and Dremel tool to remove flakes
Jolynn Leigh (TLC)

Dr Sarah Haller came on the show this season to help patients while they quarantine at home, and for the latest episode (October 1) Johnny Leigh hoped her heel cracks could be fixed. Dr Sarah believed Leigh had extra skin cells that grew at a rapid rate. However, before making any confirmation, she wanted to meet her via video call and find out more about her condition. 

Leigh revealed she has been suffering from heel cracks for a long time and it has reached a point where they cause her problem. She further explained that they would often hurt and bleed every time they reopened. She gave Dr Sarah a glimpse of how bad they were by removing her socks. 

Dr Sarah was shocked to see that since her feet were so rough that the socks were getting stuck and flakes were falling from it. She admitted it was a bad condition of heel cracks. Leigh explained she is an essential responder and loved doing her job. However, her job also called for her to be active. While Leigh wants to give her best at her job, she struggles to feel comfortable because of her feet. It reached a point where Leigh decided to use a Dremel tool for her cracks. Leigh admitted sparks came out when she used it. Dr Sarah was shocked to hear someone using the tool, which is often used to carve wood. 

Despite using the tool, Leigh's feet would be smooth only for one-and-a-half weeks. She admitted there were times when she woke up crying as her bed would be filled with flakes as her heels would keep cracking overnight. To make things worse, there were times when her feet would have big cracks. In times like this, Leigh explained she used superglue to stick them together. Dr Sarah was surprised to hear this and knew she had to help Leigh. She explained to Leigh that she had a condition called Palmoplantar Keratosis, a condition that is there since the time of birth. 

Even though Leigh suffers from an extreme case of heel cracks, Dr Sarah assured her it can be fixed. She asks Leigh to use a special cream while wrapping her feet with a cloth to capture the moisture. Leigh was willing to try it out and get back to Dr Sarah once the lockdown is over. 

'My Feet Are Killing Me' airs on Thursdays at 10.30 pm ET on TLC. 

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