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'My Feet Are Killing Me': Carly says she feels like 'someone takes a hot knife and drags it' across her foot

Carly revealed she had been having a hard time going about her daily life because of the pain
Carly D'Abruzzo (TLC)
Carly D'Abruzzo (TLC)

Dr Brad Schaeffer has always made it a point to be there for his patients and even coronavirus could not stop him. He decided to set appointments with his patients virtually to help them understand their condition better while making sure he comes up with a solution to their problem. 

In the latest episode (October 15), Carly D'Abruzzo came to the show to seek help for her foot. Carly revealed she had been having a hard time going about her daily life because of the pain that was caused in her feet. She gave a glimpse of how bad it had become by showing Dr Brad how it looked. 

While describing her condition, Carly stated it looked like her foot had been curled up and holding the form in a thumbs-up position. The only difference was that her toe was acting as the thumb in this case. Carly admitted it was not a condition she would want anyone to be in. To make things worse, sometimes the pain got too unbearable for her. 

Comparing the pain to "walking on broken glass," Carly hinted she does not want to go on living her life in the same way. She further added that there were times when she felt like "someone takes a hot knife and drags it across my foot." Dr Brad soon understood how bad her foot was taking a toll on her life. 

While showing the state of her foot, Carly revealed that the bottom part of her foot was like a soft cushion. However, there were some areas that were a bit hard. Since the condition of her feet made it has bumps, Carly admitted it was not easy to walk and there were often times when she was clumsy.

She further revealed that she underwent surgery at age nine because two of her toes were fused together. Since then, her foot has been getting unbearable. Carly admitted she was looking forward to a life where she would not have to feel pain every day. "It is hard when you are a 25-year-old and you are walking around like a 95-year-old", she said. 

Dr Brad hinted that if her foot was not treated, she will soon start feeling pain in her knees, hips, and other parts of her body. He stated she might have a condition called Proteus Syndrome in which there is excessive growth of bone and tissue. Rather than amputation, Dr Brad suggested they could take off the extra layering so Carly is able to walk freely. 

He did not want to go with amputation as there was a chance the tissue and bone would grow back and become bigger due to her condition. Carly admitted she was ready to try everything and the two decided to set up a meeting again once the lockdown lifts. 

'My Feet Are Killing Me' airs on Thursdays at 10:30 pm ET on TLC.