'My Brilliant Friend': Who will Lila approach to put an end to Marcello's relentless proposal?

There's the hard-hearted communist Pasquale who is a friend and then there's the shop-boy Stefano, who has fallen for Lila

                            'My Brilliant Friend': Who will Lila approach to put an end to Marcello's relentless proposal?

The drama continues as Lila remains ruthless about her rejection of Marcello's proposal while Marcello is equally determined to make Lila accept his proposal. Starring Margherita Mazzucco (as Elena/Lenu) and Gaia Girace (as Raffaella/Lila), the Saverio Costanzo-created show 'My Brilliant Friend' is set against the dangerous but fascinating Naples, Italy, in the 1950s.

The show follows the plight of two young girls whose friendship is put to the test not just by the feud in the neighborhood between the rich and the poor, but also how the brilliance of one friend is perceived as a threat to the intellect of the other friend.

HBO's adaptation of Elena Ferrante's first book in the Neapolitan series has seen Lila, Lenu's best friend who often acts as her foil, overcome all obstacles that have come in her way to becoming a successful rich woman. She avoided Lenu when she went off to school and concentrated on her novel which she had earlier claimed would get them enough money to run away from the stingy neighborhood.

However, when Lenu left for the summer, Lila found herself encountering two unexpected proposals — one from a friend, the other from an enemy. While her friend, Pasquale, treated the rejection with dignity, Marcello Solaras took things to heart and kept pestering Lila to accept his proposal.

Lila is prepared to put an end to Marcello's pursuit. (HBO)
Lila is prepared to put an end to Marcello's pursuit. (HBO)

However, arrogant with her virtuous perspective, Lila has carefully sketched out a plan to put an end to Marcello's perpetual pursuit of love. In order to put her plan into action, Lila needs a bait who can act as her love interest which might help to wash away Marcello's attempt. So who will it be? Here are the two people who we think Lila will approach:

1. The rustic intellectual, Pasquale

Pasquale and Lila have been friends from an early age and he is probably the only boy in the neighborhood that the girl looks up to. She was embarrassed when Pasquale accused her of taking sides with the Solaras clan at the party but tried to make it up to him by asking him about the history of the Solaras.

A communist at heart, Pasquale was the first to introduce Lila to the ideas of communism and how it can help overthrow the powerful. If Lila does approach Pasquale for help, he wouldn't deny it, but it will probably create a crack in their friendship, as Pasquale is genuinely in love with her. 


2. A bond with the Caracci

Stefano has always had an eye for Lila but her strict demure prevented him from approaching her. His subtle declaration came in the form of an offer of peace which he made in the fourth episode when he invited home the Cerullos, the Grecos, and the Pelosuos against whom the Caraccis have a long-term animosity.

However, Stefano instilled the idea of bringing about a change in the dynamics between the neighbors which was much appreciated by Lila who shared a similar idea of celebrating New Years. Stefano is just the perfect bait to put off Marcello considering that the Caraccis are just as rich as the Solaras, and Marcello despises them due to their sudden gain of wealth.

'My Brilliant Friend' returns to HBO on Sunday, December 9.