My Bloody Valentine frontman Kevin Shields says two new albums are on the way, debuts Brian Eno collab 'The Weight of History'

My Bloody Valentine frontman Kevin Shields says two new albums are on the way, debuts Brian Eno collab 'The Weight of History'

Shoegaze legends My Bloody Valentine have been teasing new music for most of the year now. Frontman Kevin Shields confirmed earlier this year that the band would be rolling out two new EPs, one of which was supposed to arrive by late summer. But summer's gone and nothing happened, and MBV fans are the kinds who take new announcements with a pinch of salt. After all, it did take them a good 22 years to follow up their critically acclaimed 1991 LP 'Loveless' with their 2013 comeback album 'M B V'.

But wait! There's a major plus side to the EPs not arriving so far. Kevin Shields recently revealed a major change of plans - those two EPs are actually now going to be released as two full-length albums, and the first one could be dropping in November.

Shields revealed the exciting news during an interview filmed at Japan’s Super Sonic Festival in August. Speaking on the planned summer EP that never came to fruition, he said: “We’re trying to finish a short album of material… it was going to be an EP in the summer, but we decided not to and decided to make it longer.” 

“So it will be seven tracks or eight tracks, hopefully will be finished in the end of November [2018],” Shields added.

If that's not good enough for MBV fans, Shields went on to detail a second album. “We’ll also be recording new material next year,” Shields continued. “There will be a lot of new material coming in the next… in the next year, there will be about two new records.”

As we mentioned earlier, My Bloody Valentine is not the most punctual act out there so we'll have to wait and watch if the timeline holds as promised. But things do look hopeful for the Dublin-based shoegaze pioneers. MBV made their live comeback this summer, their first on-stage performance in five years and they've already previewed some new material during their live gigs.


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Meanwhile, Shields recently collaborated with ambient/art-pop legend Brian Eno to produce the nightmarishly, unsettling track 'The Weight of History'. The collaboration was originally only available as a Record Store Day exclusive but has now officially hit all major streaming platforms. Apple Music users can listen to it below. Spotify subscribers can listen to it here.

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