'My Big Fat Fabulous Life': Whitney feels responsible as Tal and Buddy find it hard to be roommates

Whitney has been focusing on her new business and has moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, but things back home do not look pretty.

                            'My Big Fat Fabulous Life': Whitney feels responsible as Tal and Buddy find it hard to be roommates
Whitney Thore (TLC)

Whitney Thore is all set to focus on her new fitness business that she started with Ryan Andres whom she met on a dating site but things around here have been making it hard for her to focus on things that hold importance on her life. Among many things, Buddy Bell and Tal Fish have been staying as roommates at Whitney's house in Greensboro.

Whitney thought that it would be a good decision for Buddy to move into the house because she would be spending most of her time at Charlotte and having another person in the house would be of great help. However, she was proved wrong when she received a call from Tal stating that he is finding it hard to be in the same house as Buddy. 

He confessed to Whitney that Buddy was impossible to stay with as he would often make a mess of things. He added that he was hiding in the parking lot because the energy in the house was too negative. Hearing this, Whitney decided to visit both of them and help sort things out in the house. 

However, she did not expect to be walking into a fight that was brewing between Tal and Buddy. It came to a point where Tal blamed Whitney for moving and putting him into that situation. The breaking point for him was when he told Whitney and Buddy that his therapist had advised him not to stay with roommates but Buddy decided to be inconsiderate and made fun of Tal for consulting his therapist about his roommate issues. 

She feels stuck in the middle as she is not able to understand how to handle the situation. Whitney decides to visit her parents, Gleen and Barbara “Babs” Thore in the hopes of finding a solution to her problem. After talking to her parents she understood that she has to stop apologizing for putting her needs before and take control of things. While Tal decides to leave the house for a while, Whitney hopes things would become easier for her. 

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