'My Big Fat Fabulous Life': Did Whitney Thore call Chase Severino two-faced? Doubts stir their relationship

Whitney Thore is not happy with Chase Severino's request of her moving in with him and she might have taken a dig at him

                            'My Big Fat Fabulous Life': Did Whitney Thore call Chase Severino two-faced? Doubts stir their relationship
Barbara, Whitney and Chase (TLC)

Whitney Thore and Chase Severino had been planning on moving in together. However, things took a different turn when Chase decided to bring Whitney to Wilmington instead of moving to Charlotte. Ahead of their engagement, the two had always planned on living together, but it was Chase who was set to move.

He decided to change his plans once his business started running well in Wilmington. However, this change of plan did not fit well with Whitney. She decided to visit Chase at his new bar along with her mother, Barbara Thore. As the three sat together, Whitney made sure she did not bring the move in a topic into the discussion as her mother was there. Despite this, she made it clear that there was something that was bothering her. Amid their conversation, Whitney wondered if Chase ever planned on moving in with her as she heard him talking about his plans of expanding his business. As the conversation continued, the trio started talking about horoscopes.

Chase revealed he was a Gemini, and Whitney was quick to snap as she called Geminis "two-faced". She further added that people who had that star sign were usually the ones who had a "dual personality." Chase was shocked to hear this and wondered if Whitney was indirectly calling him that. Whitney assured Chase it wasn't about him. However, he had his doubts. Speaking to the camera, Whitney admitted Chase had slipped on her by changing his plans without any discussion. At the same time, she started thinking about what all this change meant for their relationship.

In a heart-to-heart conversation with her mother, Whitney opened up about how she wouldn't have rushed into an engagement had she known they would be living miles apart. Whitney admitted their plan was always to move in together, but it was Chase who was supposed to make that move. Seeing how things were changing quickly, and there was no certainty of what laid ahead for her, Whitney started questioning where her relationship was headed. Meanwhile, Barbara thought the pair should take some time out and see what they want out of life. With so many red flags ahead of her, some might think it was no surprise that the pair eventually broke up.

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