'My Big Fat Fabulous Life': Covid-19 and relationship problems make Whitney Thore uncertain about future

Whitney Thore is questioning where her life is headed as she is faced with uncertainity following relationship woes

                            'My Big Fat Fabulous Life': Covid-19 and relationship problems make Whitney Thore uncertain about future
Whitney Thore (TLC)

Coronavirus turned life upside down for many after it was declared a pandemic. People had to quarantine themselves and could only hope that things would get better. The latest episode (November 30) of the show shed light on how Whitney Thore and her family had been doing amid the pandemic. Whitney had been struggling in her personal life even before Covid-19 hit lives. Chase Severino and Whitney were set to move in together following their romantic Paris engagement. However, things did not work out the way they had planned after Chase started his bar business in another place.

Their plans of moving in together hit a pause. Even though Chase invited Whitney to move in with him, she seemed hesitant to leave her friends and family behind. To make things worse, she ended up losing her engagement ring and wondered if it was a bad omen. With doubts and misunderstanding stirring their relationship, the pandemic did not make things any better.

Due to government rules, everyone had to quarantine themselves at home. Since Whitney and Chase had been living apart, they were forced to quarantine away from each other. Whitney revealed Chase and her could have been together if he had decided to move in with her. However, with the change in plans, their future also seemed uncertain.

Whintey had been quarantining with her mother while Chase stayed alone. The pair would often talk over calls, but that did not seem to help their relationship. Whitney had been having doubts about their relationship as things did not fit into the picture. She started questioning Chase's reaction towards her losing the ring and wondered if it was a strong enough response.

She felt Chase did not seem bothered. At the same time, she confessed their relationship felt different and was not like it used to be before. Whitney wasn't the only one questioning it as her mother Barbara Thore had been unsure of the engagement as well. She thought the pair was rushing into it without giving their relationship a fair chance.

With so many doubts clouding Whitney's relationship and Covid-19 taking over her life, the reality star confessed the future seemed uncertain.

'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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