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'My 600-lb Life': Teretha feels proud of her progress, viewers remind her she is on oxygen and gaining weight

Teretha Hollis-Neely has been struggling with her weight and despite having one weight-loss surgery, she continues with her old habits
Teretha Hollis-Neely (TLC)
Teretha Hollis-Neely (TLC)

Teretha Hollis-Neely was close to 800lbs when she first came on the show. Teretha admitted that she felt like a prisoner due to her weight and was looking forward to meeting Dr Younan Nowzaradan to seek help. Teretha was asked to lose weight and stick to a strict diet to get approved for weight loss surgery. 

Thanks to a little help from Dr Nowzaradan, Teretha was able to lose weight and got approved for weight loss surgery. However, her progress was hindered when Dr. Nowzaradan realized she was going back to her old eating habits and not controlling her food.

He suggested she should go to rehab to cut off the negative relationship she had built with food over the years. Unfortunately, it did not do her any good as Teretha continued to put on more weight and eventually dropped out of the program.

However, after a couple of years, she decided to seek help again when she realized she had been struggling more than ever. Teretha decided to call Dr Nowzaradan who agreed to have her back on the program on one condition — she had to lose some weight to show her dedication. 

Teretha took this as a challenge and decided to weigh herself. She found she weighed 519lbs and had put on a lot of weight since the surgery. Despite this, she continued eating fried foods and did not pay attention to doing any physical exercise. Teretha stayed with her husband, Derrick, and was completely dependent on him. 

She decided to move to a care home thinking it would help her with the weight loss. However, after spending some time there, she realized it had not been doing her any good and decided to move back to her house.

Once she reached back home, Teretha was convinced she had been working enough for her weight loss but her body said otherwise. She struggled to walk around and called up Dr Nowzaradan to give him an update.

Teretha Hollis- Neely (TLC)

Dr Nowzaradan, however, was convinced that Teretha was not working out or sticking to the calorie intake. He told her that there was a high chance she weighed around 600lbs now because of her eating habit. He made it clear that he would not perform another surgery on her unless she fixed her habits. 

Teretha disagreed with Dr Nowzaradan and thought he could neither understand her nor see the efforts she was putting in. She further hinted that she might be destined to live life like this. While Teretha failed to enroll in the program again, she was convinced she had made progress and was happy to see the change. 

However, viewers thought that Teretha was not realizing how bad her weight was as she was now on oxygen because her weight stopped her from breathing normally. "So now Teretha is on oxygen but she still believes she has made progress!" read one comment.

Another wrote, "Teretha can feel the progress she made and she’s now on oxygen?! The denial is serious."

"'I'm so proud of myself for all the progress I've made...' Teretha. Now on oxygen because she can’t breathe," wrote another. Meanwhile, others tried to explain how she needed to lose weight and only had excuses piled up. 

"'I'm just at the end of my rope and I can't do this anymore...' Teretha, you ain't EVEN in the program. The only thing you've done is make excuses. I ain't seen no workouts, no healthy eating, no psychotherapy," read one comment. "I must have missed the episode where Teretha did all the hard work," added another.