'My 600-lb Life': Dumping his urine bag to rehab stint, Steven Assanti has had a stormy weight-loss journey

'My 600-lb Life': Dumping his urine bag to rehab stint, Steven Assanti has had a stormy weight-loss journey
Steven Assanti (TLC)

The Assanti brothers came to the show together with the hope of losing weight. Steven weighed over 700lbs while his brother, Justin weighed over 600lbs. While the duo came together to turn their eating habits into healthy habits, it was Steven's behavior that stood out the most. Viewers were not pleased to see his tantrums and attitude towards his family member so much that he soon became a hated person on the show. 

Viewers were extremely angry with how Steven would often bully his brother while also disrespecting his father by showing him the middle finger. While one thought it would be the extent to how he behaves, things became difficult when Steven was admitted to the hospital to control his eating. 

Steven refused to listen to the nurses and would often give them a hard time when they did not cater to his needs. He would often call them in small intervals to disturb them and when they failed to come on time, he decided to dump his urine on the floor. To make things worse, he was even kicked out of the hospital for sneaking in pizza.  

Steven and Justin's family hoped that Dr Younan Nowzaradan would be able to help them lose weight but looking at how Steven behaved, his chances seemed dim. Justin also confessed during the show that he wasn't happy about how Steven used to behave with him. While the brothers had their differences, Steven's behavior also caused Dr Nowzaradan to lose his temper. 

During Steven's time on the show, he lied to get an ambulance to take him to the hospital. Dr Nowzaradan was unhappy to see this behavior and ordered Steven to get out of the hospital. His behavior also gave rise to people calling him out. There was a petition that was started to take away Steven's free healthcare claiming that he had been misusing it. 

His YouTube page also had people questioning his mental fitness as many thought he wasn't keeping well. Steven would often upload videos of himself dancing and YouTube videos would also put a cautionary message claiming that these videos might be 'inappropriate'. 

Despite all the odds, Steven was soon able to get back on track and agreed to work towards losing weight. He ultimately got approved for weight loss surgery. While his family was happy to see him shedding some weight, they were shocked to find out that he was getting addicted to pain killers. 

He started stealing the pain killers from his brother's medications to satisfy his addiction. Dr Nowzaradan removed Steven from the surgery and decided to send him to rehab. Despite all this, Steven managed to shed a lot of weight and is looking at a positive and healthy lifestyle. 

'My 600-lb Life' airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on TLC. 

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