'My 600-lb Life': Dr Nowzaradan gets all 'smiley' with Roshanda, fans are convinced he has a crush on her

Roshanda Perrio weighs around 800lbs and after her weight loss she did not shy from dressing nicely and fans wonder is it for the doctor?

                            'My 600-lb Life': Dr Nowzaradan gets all 'smiley' with Roshanda, fans are convinced he has a crush on her
Roshanda and Dr Now (TLC)

Roshanda Perrio has struggled with plenty of weight issues and the problems seem to run in the family with her siblings, Clarence and Brandie Perrio, also battling their own weight struggles. The siblings were famously known as the 'one-ton family' because of their weight but in the latest episode (May 20), the siblings showed the progress they have made. 

Clarence and Brandie's journey to a healthier start in life has been slightly better than Roshanda's as they had been losing more weight. While the two got approved for their surgery, Roshanda struggled to get approved as she was gaining more weight rather than losing it. Despite this, Dr Younan Nowzaradan was not harsh on her. Dr Nowzaradan, or as people call him, Dr.Now, is always known for being strict and harsh with his patients when they are not losing the weight they are meant to. However, when it came to Roshanda, things were a bit different. Dr Now decided to go soft on her and motivated her to lose more weight with a smile on his face.

Fans were surprised at his behavior since they are not used to see the doctor go soft on his patients. After months of trying to stick to the diet and exercising, Roshanda was finally able to get approved for the surgery. The surgery was successful but she struggled to keep her mind focused after she returned home. Roshanda did not feel happy with the progress she had made and went on to gain weight at the start. However, she finally got things back on track and managed to shed a considerable amount of weight. When it was finally time for the siblings to go out for another checkup and one thing, everybody could notice was how fashionably good Roshanda looked. 

Dr Now was happy to see her and glad to know that she had lost more weight than the last time. He further motivated her to lose more weight and stick to what she had been currently doing because it was paying off. Roshanda smiled and acknowledged what Dr Now had to say. Looking at how Roshanda was dressed to impress and Dr Now's changed behavior, fans joked there was something brewing between the two. "I think Dr. Now has got a little crush on Roshanda. He’s more smiley and rambly with her," one fan joked looking at how Dr Now was not harsh on Roshanda. 

"Roshanda makeup is beat to the gawdsss!!!! Sis wanted to be cute for Dr. Now!" another wrote. "Uhhh, Dr. Now took it pretty easy on Roshanda. what’s that all about?" a third wondered. While some think there might be more than what meets the eye in their story, do you agree with these fans?

'My 600-lb Life' airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on TLC.  

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