‘My 600-lb Life’: Megan turned to food due to stepsisters’ ill-treatment, says 'it’s everything to her'

‘My 600-lb Life’: Megan turned to food due to stepsisters’ ill-treatment, says 'it’s everything to her'
Megan Davis (TLC)

Megan Davis, 24, weighs over 600 pounds and she wakes up each day thinking she’ll die. The morbidly obese woman feels like a prisoner in her own body as her movement is restricted by her enormous frame. Since she can’t take care of herself, she’s living with her mother. 

Although food is killing her, Megan feels that’s the only thing that brings joy to her. Her mother lets her eat as it brings her comfort. Megan says “it’s everything to me” as she confesses her addiction to food. 

She only steps out to go to the store and having so many things to choose from makes it feel like a Christmas day for her. Megan goes on to call it the “best place in the world”. Food has been helping Megan escape momentarily from a miserable life that she’s been leading. 

However, she feels the things other people have done to her led her to be what she is today. Recounting her childhood memories, Megan revealed that her stepsisters were jealous and they treated her like she was the outcast. Her mother was a working woman who was mostly busy, hence Megan would hang out with her father. But, things got worse between her and her stepsisters as they grew up. 

Spending time with father was Megan’s only safe place, who would shower her with loads of junk food. She was over 200 pounds by the time she was five. Her father never stopped her from eating despite being told by her mother to watch her diet. 

Her parents got divorced when she was seven, which further enabled her weight. Her dependency on food increased as her parents’ relationship fell apart. The rest of Megan’s life followed incidents of dropping out of school, giving up on dreams of being a pediatrician and taking up jobs that didn’t need her to stand. 

Even medical conditions and blood clots couldn’t stop Megan from eating. She says she doesn’t have a life, as her weight is keeping her from meeting someone and having a family. Now that Megan feels she’s nearing the end, unless a miracle stops it, she’s considering a weight-loss surgery to put her life back on track. 

‘My 600-lb Life’ airs on Wednesdays on TLC.

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