'My 600-lb Life': Dottie is desperate to go home despite open wounds, Dr Now thinks she's self-destructive

'My 600-lb Life': Dottie is desperate to go home despite open wounds, Dr Now thinks she's self-destructive
Dottie Perkins (TLC)

Dottie Perkins, who had appeared in Season 4 of 'My 600-lb Life' continues to struggle with issues related to weight and emotions despite having undergone both gastric and skin removal procedures. 

Since her episode concluded, the single mother has managed to lose around 250 pounds. She brought her weight down to just under 400 pounds from her initial weight of 640 pounds. 

But, life changed for the worse for Dottie after just after her weight loss surgery owing to son Daniel's death. He was 13 years old at the time of death and suffered from cerebral palsy. 

The road to recovery has been harder for her since then as she’s gotten more dependant on unhealthy eating habits. And when continued use of tobacco ends up opening her wounds from the skin removal surgery, Dr Nowzaradan gets her admitted to the hospital for a speedy recovery. 

However, Dottie is unable to comply with the requirements and feels what Dr Now is asking her to do isn’t fair. She is depressed that she isn’t able to go back home and reunite with her younger son Landon. 

But Dr Now establishes that Dottie isn’t grasping the gravity of the situation and also blames her for not taking responsibility for it. On obtaining Dottie’s files from the nurses, he learns that she has been cheating on her diet by ordering fast food within the hospital limits. 

Dottie’s poor eating habits have added 40 more pounds to her weight despite being under rehabilitation for over a month. But, when Dr Now confronts her, she upfront denies cheating on her diet and instead says that the information in her chart isn't accurate. 

Dr Now refuses to discharge her as he feels Dottie’s emotional issues are forcing her to relapse into her old habits and he’s disappointed in her approach towards the program. Although he tells her it’s a matter of life and death and asks her to comply with the treatment, Dottie is desperate to get home and isn't too concerned about her condition. 

On realizing Dottie’s underlying issues that have been taking a toll on her health, Dr Now signs her up for a counseling session with a therapist. 

'My 600-lb Life' airs on Wednesdays on TLC. 


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